LLLAT: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17
***indie in the MM***

King's Pov

I wake up with Brittani and Indie not in bed anymore so i head downstairs where i heard laughing and giggling.
When i reached the kitchen i saw Brittani and indie cooking and Brittani was tickling indie and making faces at her.
It was good how indie just liked Brittani from the start and i liked that my sister was so attached to her after one day and vis versa.
I was so deep into thought i didn't even know they stopped laughing and was looking at me weird.

Me: what?

They looked at each other and busted out laughing...

Brittani: haha hey baby

She hugged me then made indie's plate and handed it to her

Indie: thank you Brittani

I was shocked at how good she spoke

Brittani: now go to the movie room and ill be there in a minute with your juice. Oh and tell me what movie you want to watch so i can put it in.
Indie: umm i want to watch.... Ummm finding nemo
Brittani: okay you go and ill get it
Indie: okay

She started walking with her plate to the movie room

Britt: and be careful sweetie!

Brittani then turned to me and hugged me again and kissed me then handed me a made plate

Me: thanks babe
Brittani: your welcome and are u coming with me and indie to watch the movie?
Me: nahh umm listen i been slacking a little at the trap so me and the boys gotta go in today and see whats up.
Brittani: oh... okay well me and indie are gonna watch the movie then me and her are going to the mall then to get our nails done
Me: alright well i gotta get ready to leave so

I finished eating and was now standing behind her and i kissed her lips then i pull away and saw her bit her lip.
Then walk away with her plate and her and indie's juice.
I go upstairs and saw the niggas getting ready as i walked past they doors.
I guess the girls was still sleep.
But anyway i got dressed and grabbed my personal phone and my business phone then left a stack of money with a note on it and walked out the room to go downstairs and see the niggas eating the left over food and i shake my head then walk back to the movie room and see indie on brittani's lap as they watch finding nemo.

Me: alright baby I'm bout to leave

Brittani looked up at me and motioned me to come over there so i did and she kissed my lips

Brittani: be careful

Indie then hugged my neck then kissed my cheek and sat back on Brittani's lap.

Me: now indie you gonna be good for Brittani?
Indie: yes
Me: okay i love you guys
Them: we love you too

I kiss their cheeks and walk to the kitchen and see the niggas was done so we go to the truck and head to the trap.

Brittani's Pov
When the movie was over me and indie put our dirty plates and cups in the sink and we head upstairs to get ready.
I got an outfit out her bag and sat it out for her to put it on.

Her outfit:
• black and white Sussy shirt
• Grey skinny jeans
• Fire Red 5's

I then get my out fit out which is:
• Grey Last kings snapback
• black and white Sussy shirt
• Grey high waisted shorts
• Fire Red 5's

We both wore our hair out and curly with a red and grey OBEY beanie.
After we got dressed i posted a picture of us on instagram.

@King'sWifey_: Twinning with @Brittani'sHubby_ sister💕🙌💍💘😘 #MallDayyyy

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