The stranger in the forest

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Chapter 1 :

The sunlight made its way to the edge of my bed. I rose out of bed, expecting today to be like any other Saturday. I made my way to the bathroom and was greeted by my cat, Thunder, who Tackled My Feet Like They Were mice. I turned the knob on my shower and waited for the water to warm up. While the water warmed up I walked back to my bedroom and picked out my casual Saturday outfit. I had a pair of ripped up shorts and a lime green tee shirt. When I got back to the bathroom the water in my shower was nice and warm. I took off my oversized night tee shirt and my polka dot shorts, and walked into the shower. The warm water felt nice and and had woke me up. After my shower I walked back to my room and got dressed and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I walked into the kitchen and found my mom reading one of her favorite novels. A moment later my sister and dad walked into the room and sat down at the dining table. For some reason I sensed that they wanted me to fix breakfast . I gathered all the materials I needed to make blueberry pancakes, one of my favorite breakfast meals.Since it was a Saturday i didn't have to go to school, so I intended to go outside. I got my boots and my phone and headed out the door. I have always been the outdoorsy type of person so I thought exploring the forest would be fun. I had over 100 acres of forest behind my house, so I knew not to go to far. It was warmer outside so animals are out and it's a great site to look at. As I headed towards the woods my mom called out to to be careful. Of course I said 'I will '. The birds were chirping and there was dew on the ground. The mornings were always beautiful. I was coming to the beginning of the forest. I stepped onto a trail my dad had made for me a few years ago. Grass and twigs had covered the path somewhat. I walked a little ways through the path until I was stopped by a huge fallen tree in my path. 'I wonder when that happened' I said out loud. It looked like I could climb over it though. after ten minutes I managed to get over the tree. I kept walking, enjoying the sounds of nature. I suddenly stopped cause I felt like I was being stared at, then a deer appeared from behind a Bush. It seemed to human friendly to be a wild deer. I steadily got closer to it until I was able to touch it. I stroked the deer's back. This was as close to a deer I have ever gotten other than seeing them dart in front of cars. All the sudden the deer darted off further into the woods. I wanted to follow the deer, so I quickly ran behind it. I suddenly felt a agonizingly pain on my right leg. There on the ground was me and a copperhead snake slithering away from me. It was a small snake so i knew it was a baby and baby snakes normally have not learned to control venom distribution.That gives me less time to get to my house before my leg gets worse.i looked at my leg and On my leg was two small dots side by side. I tried to stand but the pain was excruciating. ' how am I going to get to my house .'

Chapter 2 :

I remembered I had my phone, so I quickly tried to grab it but my luck, there was no signal. I lied helplessly because moving would just make the venom flow through my body faster and I knew with my leg in so much pain there would be no way I could climb back over the fallen tree.  My eye lids began to get heavy and I soon blacked out. moments later I began to wake up but I wasn't on the forest floor anymore.  I  was being carried as this person ran through the forest. suddenly I could see my house getting closer to me.  I could tell this person was a male and was carrying me as if I was weightless. He ran up to my front door and managed to knock the door still holding me. My parents quickly made their way to the door and had worry faces. The stranger handed me to my father. The man quickly walked off as if nothing happened. He was wearing a hoodie so I couldn't see his face. While I was staring off at the stranger walking back to the woods,my parents were trying  to see what was wrong. My dad had found the bite wound on my leg and asked my mom to get the car keys. He ran to the car with my mom rushing behind him. He put me in the car and rushed to the hospital. I wasn't sure why he was so worried, I had been in the forest for only a couple of minutes.                    

Chapter 3:

The next day I had woke up in a uncomfortable bed. My parents were asleep on a small sofa. As soon as I coughed they both rise off the couch. "Are you OK, Nevaeh?" they both said in unison. "yes, I'm fine just a little tired that's all," "how long was I in the forest?" they both looked at each other until my mom had confessed. "you were in there for over three hours, until this young man brought you to our door, did you know this man?" 'No.' After our short conversation I had fell back asleep and was happy that I was going to be OK.


it was a couple of days after I had been bitten by the snake and I returned to the woods. I stopped in my tracks because there was an object in my way. There stood a man with a hoodie on. 'who are you?' I asked the man. He doesn't reply. Moments later he turns around and begans to walk off as if I had said nothing. 'Excuse me, I'm talking to you!'  he keeps on walking so i began to walk behind do him suddenly he stops. I see a person laying on the ground in front of him. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 'That's me!' I run up to the clone of me but I was like a ghost, I could go right through her. it seemed like she was passed out. Her leg was beginning to swell and turn purple, so you could tell time was flying by. A man walked up to her very calm. He bent down and examined her leg. With a single touch, he made the swelling and and bruising go away. All that was left were two dots from where the snake had bitten her. The man gently raised her from the ground and headed to her(my house).

Chapter4:  I was sent home from the hospital a few days later.  My leg didn't hurt anymore and I was back to the old me,  going into the woods. But this time I wasn't there just to look at my surroundings,  I am looking for something, more like someone. Of course my mom was a little hesitant about me venturing off in the woods but I told her I would be more careful this time instead off running around.  So with that said I took off into the woods.  I watched the ground a little more than I did last time but I was still walking pretty fast.  I needed to get to the spot where everything happened.  After about 15 minutes I began to feel as if I was being watched. Instead of the deer appearing like last time, a man with a Hoodie walked into my view.  My eyes grew wide and legs legs had gotten stiff.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 'It's you!'The man gazed at me but I was still unable to see his face.  'What's your name'  I asked him.  He didn't reply.  'well im Nevaeh.' I walked closer towards him to get a better identification. He stood stiff only watching what I was doing.  He then spoke.   "I'm Matt." I smiled at Brendan and put my arm out in front of me to give him a hand shake.  He did the same and we shook hands.  His hand had a powerful grip and made him look strong. After our hand shake everything grew quiet.  I couldn't hear anything. I looked around the forest and my eye lids had gotten heavy until I had fallen into a deep sleep. I had woken up laying in my bed. Surprised,  I jumped out of bed to see that it was dark outside. I quickly hopped down the stairs to see that everyone had left to their rooms to sleep. "This whole day has been a huge blur,"  "it's three am!" I don't remember what happened today at all which is strange. I shake the thought off since it may just be the medicine my doctor prescribed me.  I turn around to go back to my room when I feel a sudden feeling that I'm being watched.  It was the same feeling I had in the woods. I peek through the window into my backyard but all I see is total darkness.  That is until I see a faded light in the woods.  "It isn't to far away, "I thought, " I'll go check it out. "  I opened the back door and step out onto my back porch.  I slip on a pair of old shoes I always leave out there and grab a flashlight from the shed on my way to the woods. The light was getting closer and closer.  When I made it,  the light was blinding me so I could see nothing,  that is until I start to see a human figure behind the light.  It was the guy,  Matt. "What on earth are you doing in the woods"? I ask him." I should ask you the same. " he replied. " I saw a light, " so I came to see what it was."  I admitted to him.  "And what if this 'light' would have been something that could have harmed you"?

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