Chapter eleven:

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Draco blinked a few times, sluggishly; his mind not quite with it. A queasy feeling coursed through his body, accompanied by a growling tingly feeling. His hearing however was impeccable, detecting the only sound in the room immediately; a light snore. Draco stiffly wiggled his toes and bent his legs slowly, his own limbs feeling alien to him. He moved onto wiggling his fingers, well he would have if he could move the fingers on his left hand. Draco struggled with his unyielding neck but craned it eventually to see an unconscious Harry; leaning forward from a chair and resting on Draco’s bed; holding his hand tensely. Draco sighed and lay back, staring at the ceiling; his brain aerated. As his body came back to life he realised the majority of him was in cramp, his stomach churned hungrily and his feet were freezing. Most of all, he realised he really needed the bathroom.

Draco grunted as he forced strength back into his right arm, pushing himself up into a sitting position and rotating his wrist till it clicked blissfully. He then rotated his neck and stretched his back. As he glanced around the virtually vacant hall that was the hospital wing; he noticed the room was dimly lit by sunrise. He cast his gaze over Harry and watched as he soothingly rose and fell slightly as he breathed. Draco used his other hand to gently move Harry’s fringe aside before trying to remove his glasses cautiously. Even as he slept, Harry looked exhausted and pale. Completing his task, he awkwardly crossed his arm over his chest and put Harry’s glasses on the bedside table.

“He’s barely left your side.”

Draco’s head snapped towards the direction of Madam Pomfrey who was walking silently towards him. Draco wasn’t surprised Harry hadn’t stayed away; he’d have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. He still found himself blush however when Madam Pomfrey stared at him, aware of their obvious newly intimate relationship. “What happened?” Draco croaked, clearing his throat several times afterwards; praying Harry wouldn’t wake up. Although Draco was thrilled Harry cared enough to stay by his side, he didn’t want to talk about their argument just yet.

“Victor Kent happened,” Madam Pomfrey grumbled, “not to worry though, Professor Dumbledore has handled the matter. Victor, Michael and Thomas will not be returning to Hogwarts; nor will they be sitting their exams.” At least Draco would have to worry about them again, and he felt incredibly smug that he was recovering and would still do well whereas they will have to suffer the world of magic with everyone looking down their noses at their incomplete education. “Don’t get too excited, Mr Malfoy. You’re in for a painful recovery process. Your bones and internal organs have been restored to perfection; possibly better than they were before but we cannot do anything for your mental recovery. As your mind starts coming to terms with your recent injuries and your senses start coming back to you; you may suffer headaches and perhaps extreme nausea and other symptoms.” Draco frowned displeased, glumly wishing he’d stayed unconscious longer as his mind healed. “You best get comfortable; this ward will be home to you for quite a while...and Mr Potter’s too, I assume.” Draco smiled slightly, pleased at Harry’s company. He just hoped he’ll still stick around after their little chat. “I’d rest if I were you, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to talk about in the morning.” Draco nodded quietly.

“Can I use the bathroom?”

“Of course,” Madam Pomfrey chuckled lightly. “That is if you can get your hand free, the bathroom is over there.” Draco wriggled his hand out of Harry’s grasp as Madam Pomfrey strolled away, luckily Harry didn’t wake up. Draco swung his legs over, his lower back stung a little but he continued and placed his feet firmly on the ground. He grunted again, pushing himself up off the bed and stretching completely. It felt good. He padded, barefoot to the bathroom and kicked the door shut. He used the toilet, relaxing in relief and washed his hands. He regarded his own reflection; his hair crisped with patches of blood. His face however had been cleaned flawlessly; the only sign of a fight was the cut just below his lip that had scabbed over. How long had he been out? Draco washed his face and tried his best to remove the blood from his matted white hair. Deeming it useless, he departed the bathroom and strolled half way back to his bed; halting as a fatigued Harry gazed at him. They boys monitored each other carefully and then Harry shot forward; embracing Draco in an unbreakable hug. Draco’s arms fit tightly around Harry’s body; grasping his t-shirt and snuggling his nose into Harry’s neck as he consoled a now sobbing Harry. 

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