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How You Guys Meet:


Just as you were about to go home from a very long day at work, your boss told you to deliver one more pizza. And just your luck, the house was a long drive from your work. You didn't argue though, since he would be paying you even more.

You got into your car, with the 5 boxes of pizza, and headed toward this stranger's house.

To pass time, you listened to music. Your favorite song, I Miss You by Blink-182 came on, and you started jamming out.

You finally arrived at the house, and it was huge!! Walking up to the door, you got a little nervous because it had started to rain. Before you even had time to ring the doorbell, a tall boy opened the door. He quickly grabbed the pizza out of your hands and shut the door.

Frustrated, you rang the doorbell once more. He stood in the doorway, with a piece of pizza hanging out of his mouth.

"So you're not going to pay for that?" you asked, trying not to get too angry.

"Oh, sorry. I forgot." he said, his mouth still full.

He shut the door once again, and of course the tornado sirens started to go off. The unnamed boy opened the door, grabbed you by the arm, and pulled you inside.

"What are you doing?" you asked, and he took you downstairs.

"Well, since there might be a tornado, I figured you might want to be indoors." he rolled his eyes and offered you a slice of pizza.

You gladly accepted it, since you were starving. He chuckled as you devoured the tiny slice of pizza.

"So, I never caught your name." he said as you started to eat another piece of pizza.

"I'm (y/n)" you said in between bites. "Who are you?" you asked.

"Michael." he answered simply, grabbing the remote. He tried turning the t.v. on, but the power had gone out due to the horrible storm that was just outside.

"Well Michael, I hope you do realize that there is no power." you rolled your eyes, but realized he couldn't see you.

"Well duh, I'm not stupid." you heard him get up from the couch, and seconds later he ran into something. "Owwwww" he screamed. He fell to the floor, rolling around while complaining that walls hate him.

"Yeah, 'not stupid'." you laughed, and so did he, despite the pain.

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked, and a boom of thunder made you jump up in fear.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, comforting you.

"Hey, it's okay." Michael whispered in your ear.

"I'm just scared of storms." you admitted, feeling heat rush to your cheeks.

"I'll protect you." he said, playing with your hair.

For the rest of the night, you sat and talked with Michael. You talked about anything and everything, just to keep your mind off of the storm that was raging on.


You were going to get your first tattoo, and to say you were nervous would be an understatement. You had just turned 18, and you really wanted to get a music note tattoo. After all, music had saved your life.

As you walked into the small tattoo shop, a sense of nausea washed over you. You were about to turn back and leave, when a tall boy about your age walked in.

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