Chapter 2 And you are?

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Beaus POV ; "hello?" She looked at me with a slight confused look on his face,I couldent help but smirk when I noticed that the girl infront of me was staring, her big blue eyes were staring my up and down, I don't know whether I should be flattered or hurt because she could be staring for 2 reasons, I'm either very hot and she already fancies the hell out of me or I repulse her , wait who am I kidding,its the first one , I smirked " nice view?" She snapped her head up and looked at me annoyed at my comment , "you what?" She let out with a hushed tone, oh come on ..the confused act? Really?, "you were staring" I smirked as I said this and she rolled her eyes "don't flatter yourself,I wasent staring at you" she said with a harsh tone,something tells me she's not going to be like all the girls who throw theirself at me..., I noticed the bus coming towards us and I turnt my back towards the girl infront of me and made my way towards the bus stop , "WAIT what's your name? Where are you going?" a smirk grew on my face ,"the bus is here"

Ambers POV ; "the bus is here" how did I not even notice that, I was too caught up on who this boy is , I was so far past intruiged about a stranger who I've never seen before,even more intruiged about why he was trying to get my attention then when he did he just walked away?. I snapped back into reality and realised that If I don't get on this bus I'm going to be late and that's the last thing I need is a teacher telling me what my priorities should be. I got on the bus and sat at the front without thought I put back in my earphones dropping back out of reality .

"The next station is hillstone college" was all I heard faintly ,I got up and stood by the bus door waiting for it to open, I got off the bus and started walking into college wondering if my only friend nina would be in yet, I usually see her by the lockers most days. The difference between me and nina...there was a massive one, she was slightly popular, I in no way was anything, I guess you could class me as a nobody? . I reached my locker and noticed that boy had already made friends,if only it was that easy for me,that's when I realised,he never even answered my question about what his name was?,right now I'm way too confused for explaining

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