Jay sneakily made his way towards Adam. He walked up behind her then slung her over his shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked with care-free annoyance.

"We're going on a roadtrip" Jay explained.

"To where?" Adam questioned.

" Wherever you want"

Adams eyes lighted up with excitement "I always wanted to visit Florida!"

"Then Florida it is!" Jay confirmed.

"Wait, its not just us going right?"

Jay chuckled "Now don't feel too special, I'm also taking my sister and a few friends I met while at Starbucks"

"Oh, right" Adam said nodding "now can you put me down I'm starting to feel lightheaded"

Jay carefully placed Adam back on her feet then lead her to his car. Adam hopped in the back with Jade and one of Jay's new friends while Jay sat up front with his other friend who was an extremely beautiful slut type girl with golden blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail. The girl was wearing only a sports bra and really short denim shorts.

The friend that was next to Adam was another pretty girl with a lighter shade of brown hair who had beautiful green eyes and a perfect facial structure. The girl turned to face Adam and let a small smile appear on her face.

"Were you forced to come too?" she asked.

Adam smiled a little in amusement "Pretty much"

The girl nodded "So whats your name and how do you know this douchelbag?"

"Adam and his mom is a friend of mine so we have to 'spend time together'. How bout you?"

"I'm Clary and he bumped into me at Starbucks." the girl informed.

"Who's excited to go to Florida?" Jay asked everyone.

"As long as I'm with you I'll be excited" the slut in the front flirted.

Adam fake coughed said "Slut" then fake coughed again.

Clary laughed while the girl shot dagger, piranha, evil slut glares at her.

"At least I'm pretty" she spat.

"Pretty slutty" Clary defended.

Jay chuckled his sexy chuckle then said "No need to be fighting over me already"

"Ha your funny" Clary said sarcastically.

Jay leaned in close to Clary and whispered "Might wanna watch yourself, or I'll fuck you the hardest when it comes down to that"

This caused Clary to get even more angry "Im not losing my virginity at 15 like some people" she snapped referring to the girl next to Jay.

Jay shrugged then sat back in his seat "Lets just all introduce ourselves. Say your name and what age you lost your virginity at"

"What, why?" Adam asked.

"Cuz i think those are two very important topics" Jay explained "Clary you go first"

"I'm Clary and I'm still a virgin cuz I'm not a desperate slut" Clary said through gritted teeth.

Jay nodded then looked at Adam "Um I'm Adam..."

"Ha that's a boy name!" the girl in the front sneered.

"As i was saying, my name is Adam and I'm still a virgin too"

Jay smirked "I can easily change that" he suggested.

"No thanks" Adam snarled.

"Okay my turn" the other girl exclaimed "I'm Rachel and i lost my virginity when I was 13" she said proudly.

"Thats gross!" Clary said with disgust.

Rachel just shrugged. Then Jay's sister introduced herself "I'm Jade and I lost my virginity 2 months ago"

Rachel and her highfived "So how was it?" Rachel asked with curiosity.

"It was good" Jade said.

"Your turn pretty boy" Clary said.

"I'm Jay and I lost my virginity at 14 years old"

"Wow i thought you would have said 5" Clary teased.

"So who was your first?" Rachel asked Jay.

"Doesnt matter" Jay dismissed.

"Can we just go already" Adam groaned.

Jay nodded then drove off.


"Mom theres a really hot yet old dude here with his really hot son!" Kat yelled upstairs to Kristen as she opened the front door.

Kristen jogged down the steps, scanned the person over then frowned. "What are you doing here?"

Kat looked up curiously at the guy. "Oh dont be like that sis" the guy said to Kristen.

"Mom who is this dude?" Kat asked.

"Your uncle" Kristen explained as she continued to glare at him.

"I just need to find Gabby, Grayson misses her" Uncle whats his face said.

Kristen looked down at Grayson with a sympathetic look "I'm so sorry you have such a terrible father" she said.

Grayson shrugged "So far i like him better than my mother who i never met!"

"Can we come in?" Uncle dude asked.

"Sure Falapo" Kristen gave in. So her and him talked on the couch while Kat and Grayson sat at the dining room table.

"So whats your name?" Grayson asked.

"Kat" Kat replied firmly.

Grayson chuckled "Nice name. How old are you?"

"13. Are we like playing the stalker game?"

"Eh sorta. And I'm 14 "

After a long awkward silence Grayson moved towards Kat with closed eyes and his lips puckered he kissed Kat so she punched him in the balls.

"Ow! What the fuck!" Grayson hissed.

"Your my uncles son right?" Kat asked for clarification.

"Yeah so?"

"That means your my cousin you fucking sick pervert!" Kat screeched in his ear.

Grayson backed away and into Kit. "Holy shit!" he yelped in surprise.

Kit chuckled "Woah who brought the clumsy hot guy into our house?" she joked.

"Shut up Kit!" Kat exclaimed.

"Wow, you guys twins?" Grayson questioned.

"Obviously dumbass" Kat snarled.

"Wow I can sense the conflict between you two already" Kit implied.

"And don't try to flirt with him, he's our cousin"

Kit pouted "Well that's a shame"

"Tell me about it" Grayson agreed.

"I found out where your mom lives" Falapo shouted out of nowhere.

Grayson smiled then ran over to his dad. "Where is she?" he asked.

"In Brazil" Falapo said which made Grayson's smile falter.

"Can we go?"

"I'm afraid not, sorry son"

"Okay so let me get this straight; your telling me that Gabby cheated on Zach 14 years ago on you and gave birth to Grayson?" Kristen asked.

"Yup" Falapo said.

"That's so fucking messed up. You shouldn't exist." Kristen said to Grayson.

Grayson narrowed his eyes but said nothing.

"Well bye!" Falapo waved then left with Grayson close behind.

"I hate them already" Kat mumbled.

"For once your opinion is correct" Kristen agreed. Of course it was.

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