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Luke's POV

When I hear a knock on my door around four in the morning I pray to God that it is not my moms. They will ask why there is a blood stain on the carpet in the living room and I won't have a cover story.

After the fight I watched in the sink as the red came off of my hands and it went down the drain. Then I came back here and I locked myself in my room and I cried. I almost killed him. I would've killed him.

When I saw Jazmyn I had to get out of there, Zayn had thrown her down and she was bleeding. He had hurt her. I wanted to make him pay. I wanted to jump right back on him and finish the job, but I didn't. I need to get her away from this place. I don't know how though, I need to keep her safe from Zayn.

When I hear the comforting voice of Jazmyn when she says my name after knocking again I sigh in relief. I thought she had went to go report me with Calum and Zayn or something.

"Luke." She says again and I groan in response stuffing my head in my pillow. I hear the jiggling of the door knob and after a few moment of this noise the door opens and I feel a weight at the edge of my bed and I smell her familiar vanilla perfume. She laces her fingers with mine. The simplest action warms my body and gives me hope. She presses her lips to my hand and I feel her lay down beside me. "Thank you." She whispers and I don't know how to respond. I move my head so I can see the curly crazy outline of her hair in the dark as the moon invades through the blinds.

I hear her breath hitch and become shaky and I pull her into my arms. "I'm so sorry." She apologizes and I hug her tighter to my bare chest.

I kiss her forehead where I saw her bleeding and she tenses up. "I had to get stitches." She explains.

We lay there looking into each other's eyes for the longest time before I just can't hold back anymore. I push her hair away from her face and I cup her cheek in my palm as I press my lips on her hard and passionate. I am surprised when she reciprocates but I don't stop. I tug on her lower lip and she moans quietly wrapping her legs around me and kissing my neck. She sucks on the skin where my neck meets my jaw and she places kisses along my jawline. I can't help but smile. I roll is over so I am on top of her and I kiss her lips again parting them with my tongue as she grips my neck with her hand pulling me closer. I lift up her shirt a little bit so I can kiss her stomach and she giggles. "That tickles." She says as if she is two and I continue because I am greedy for her laughter.

I pull away for moment and I press my forehead to hers, she is pouting. "What's wrong?" I ask her tracing her lips with my finger. I am suddenly overcome with fear that she might mention Calum. That this might not happen again. That she will tell me she can't. That she loves him too much.

"You stopped." she answers and I smile pressing my lips to hers again. She moves her head and she flips over so this time she is on top straddling me. I place my hand on her hips keeping her in place. She places pecks along my collar bone and as she makes her way down to my v-line my throat gets raspy and I moan. She bites her lip and she kisses my forehead, whispering, "Not tonight." I am not disappointed by this, I didn't even expect her to kiss back much less this.

She lays down beside me tracing the tattoos on my arm and occasionally kissing me. I hold her close to my chest and I don't ever want to let her go.

Holy shit.

A/N : Sorry this was a little bit short.

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