Pain all over again

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Heylow!!! New story goiss...fiction again....this never happened in my life..I just imagined it okay?? Okay lets start

Hi, My name is Leo Smith...Age 18..favorite color: Red...I used to love this girl named Melody Viola Peer.She is actually my best friend.We fought from time to time but we forgave each other...Well She said she loved me but I dont believe it though...anyways blah blah blah...She moved on blah blah..and yeah I got hurt so I decided to move on too...Well I realized that I fell for another and well....her name is Wendy Drake...Nice smart girl...she is kind too...Here I am again...Friendzoned I guess...Hurt all over again

March 23,2014

I realized that there is one thing that is keeping me to be deeply in love with Wendy...I have a confession to make..I still have like a tiny bit of feelings for Melody...but whatever she likes somebody else so yah...Its going to dissapear soon...

I never hated Melody for anything I dont know why..Melody is a Smart,Kind,Cool,and Awesome person.She never lets me down.And the guy she likes is a very lucky guy..

Well Im...umm...stuck on loving her...Dont worry it will pass...


Hi goiss sorry If its too short dont worry..I will update tom...

Anyways Guyss!!!

Advance Happy birthday to Kayla Manlapaz..She's a friend..Her birthday is on March 25...

Here is her twitter account..follow her guys..


She also has a wattpad her stories Im sure they're great..


Thanks for everything!! <3

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