Chapter 8

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(Ember 's POV)

   As Ann, Sebastian, and I walked through the halls to the dinning hall I kept glancing back. I wondered what my father was telling Jonathan. Was he telling him that he could no longer be my personal guard? Was he kicking him out of the castle? Was he taking his title away?

   Without thinking I said, "this is all my fault."

    Sebastian stopped walking and turned to face me. "No. It is my fault. I was the one that let you wonder off. I had no clue that you were in such danger. You left us for no more than a few minutes and they had you. I failed as a knight, as a protector."

   "No, you didn't. If anything I failed as a Princess."

   Ann snorted and said, "You have that right. You knew you were in danger and you ran off like a child. Now Jonathan may be paying the price, because of you."

    I wanted to yell back at her but it was true. I wasn't acting as a Princess. A Princess wouldn't run from her guards. A Princess would think before acting. Jonathan was in trouble because I didn't act like the Princess I was supposed to be. "You're right. I don't deserve this title," I said quietly but no one heard me and we kept walking.

    When we reached the dinning hall Aunt Elizabeth was already there. "Where is Uncle Edward and the children?" I asked her as I sat down, Ann curtsied and followed suit and Sebastian walked to the corner to keep watch.

   Elizabeth watched our guests for a moment before replying. "They are coming, Edward brought them riding. Now who are our guests?"

   "This is Ann Allaway, she will be staying with us for a while. Jonathan is courting her. After....the day's events father and I thought it better if she stayed, and this is Sebastian Henderson. He....well he is courting me. He is also another knight who was assigned to protect me," I told her.

    Aunt Elizabeth stared at me for a minute. "Along with Sir Henderson and your new courtship, what were the rest of the day's events?"

   I shifted in my chair uncomfortably, but before I began retell her what I told my father, Jonathan and the King himself entered the room.

   Jonathan went to stand in the corner opposite Sebastian. My father sat down at the head of the table. "Shall we begin eating or should we continue to sit here waiting for the food to get cold?"

   Everyone started to take small bits. Uncle Edward and the children entered soon after and then my Aunt brought up a new subject that didn't go over well with my father.

    "I was thinking that Ember should have a ball. Next week is her birthday. Eighteen deserves a ball, plus people need something happy to do. Maybe get their minds off the death of their Queen," Elizabeth choked up at the last part.

     "No. There will be no ball. How can people get over the death of their Queen if she hasn't even been put in her grave yet?" Was my father's reply. My mother's funeral was sill two days way. My father wants everything just right for her. I don't know how her body has kept up. We traveled four days from France and from their four days until she was put in her final resting place.

   "By the time the ball takes place Sarah would be in her grave. We can celebrate the passing of a great monarch who will be greatly missed. Ember needs to be set out. She needs to meet suitors," I was about to tell her that I was courting Sebastian but she held up her hand, "and not just knights at the castle. She may decide she wants to marry someone with a stronger title. I don't mean to offend those in the room but a mere knight may not be capable of running a country let alone two."

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