Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

As I got home I was so exhausted its not even funny. I threw my book bag on the dinning room chair and man was I relieved that there was no homework today. I was just about to lay down on the couch until my mother stopped me.

"Honey were going out to eat today so make sure your ready"

"Okay I said dragging myself upstairs". Normally she would care but today I stayed after school to exercise since I decided to join track and run. I don't like running but I know it will help me get in shape fast.

I ran into my room and got changed into my regular clothes since I had workout clothes on. I basically dragged myself to the bathroom and fixed my hair. I just kept my natural curly and wavy hair down. Then I ran back in my room and grabbed my phone and dipped down stairs because I'm not having them leave me like last time. Yes they left me last time I was taking to long I guess but only three minutes too long so they decided to leave. What kind of fucking parents are they? So I called my grandma and she dropped me off their because they were at chili's and I love chili's. They were really shocked to see me there but ha they know I love chili's.

As I slid into the backseat someone grabbed me causing me to scream. I turned around to see Amanda laughing her ass off

"Don't scare me like that you butthole" I said while punching her arms. Ever since I met Amanda and when she started hanging out with us she became like the family. Lilly my little sister likes to annoy us a lot but today she's at grandma's. Anyway Amanda is usually over when we have dinner and we usually bring her out to eat with us.

Amanda and I talked most the way there so when the car stopped we were surprised because we weren't even paying attention. As I got out the car I looked to see where we were at since I didn't bother asking. I looked up and the big sign read Olive Garden yum that sounds super good.

As we walked in the door I heard another family coming in behind us but I couldn't see them since I turned a corner. Once the waiter came over we got seat in a booth. The other family was behind us so I guess they got seated close to us. As the family walked over I saw it was a mother and her two kids. I couldn't quite see the kids faces since the waiter was in the way. Then I saw a little girl probably six slide in the seat and a boy slide in right after her. The boy turned to face the waiter and then he nodded his head at me. Holy shit can someone change my seat.

This is going to be the most awkward dinner ever. Why I say that is because Drew and his family are sitting diagonal from my table. Can I please just go somewhere without one of those boys following me!

Authors note:

I hoped you liked this chapter I was thinking really hard on what I should do. If you have a ideas I'm all ears. Haha that rhymed. Thanks for reading love you all




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