Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Shareen's pov
It's been half and hour now and nobody found us. So we all decided to go downstairs. We went into the living and there they were. Bob, Bridget and Jake. We were all grabbed by the arm and thrown into a car. Luckily we all had our phones hopefully they don't find that out. Our only use of communication with our parents. I failed. I didn't want Noor and Haylee to get hurt. I don't wanna be in this hellhole anymore. My phone vibrated and thank god it was on silent. It was a message from my dad.

~~~~~The Messages~~~~

Messi: where are you guys??? I just got home!!

Shareen: Jake. Bob. And Bridget kidnapped us. Again. Help I'm scared. We're scared.

I sent the message and turned my phone off. I put it away. Tears immediately filled my eyes. I looked over to Noor and Haylee. Haylee was quietly crying and Noor was looking out the window. Why did this have to happen to me. That's when I remembered. Dustin told me and Haylee to text him if anything happens to us. He can probably help. We came to a stop. The car stopped working. "Get out of the car. But if you run away it'll be worse than last time." Jake said threatening us. I don't care anymore. I looked over at Haylee and Noor when Bob Bridget and Jake weren't looking and we made a run for it. We ran and then Jake noticed we were running. The three of them ran after us. We were pretty far from them so we stopped. "Noor. Haylee. Leave without me. Go back to my house bring my parents." I said dead serious. "No. No. No." Haylee said. "Just do it Haylee. Please. I don't want you guys to get hurt." I said pleading. The three of them were in sight. Crap. "RUN JUST RUN!!! PLEASE RUN!! RUN!!!!!" I shouted and they started running as fast as they could. I sat down and just stared up at them. "Get up." Jake growled holding out his hand so he could help me up. "No." I whispered. "What did you say." He growled. He's probably gonna kill me for not listening. "K.." I said getting up. He grabbed my arm and was squeezing it so I wouldn't get away. By this time I was crying. I hated this place. Who knows what they will do this time. There was a house we went to. It was old. "We're staying here since we the car stopped working. And if we call the cops we're dead." Jake said as we went into the old house. They were looking around the old abandoned house. "I'm going upstairs." I said walking up the staircase. I walked into a room it was covered in Real Madrid stuff I left that room and went into another. This one was covered in Barcelona stuff. Well I found the room I staying in. There was a girl in the corner. "Um hi." I said to the girl. "H-hi." She said looking up at me. "What's your name? Mine is Shareen." I told this girl that was now standing. "Anna.." She whispered. "Who brought you here?" I asked. "2 men and a lady." Anna said to me. "Where do you live? I'll help you get home! How long have you been here?" I asked. "Um about a week." She replied. I pulled out my phone and started texting Dustin. Hopefully he answered. I wAited a couple of minutes and then he answered.

~~~~~The Messages~~~~~

Shareen: hey. Dustin I need you!

Dustin: yea what's up?

Shareen: ok. So well I've been kidnapped twice now by the same three people. We are in an old abandoned house. I don't know the address or the street though.

Dustin: k I'll see what I can do.

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