A King Arises (Freewood)

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Gavin Free had become king.

Some were proud, but many had been amused and laughed at the idea of a fool being their ruler. But still, they had said, anything was better than the mad king that had sent their kingdom into a spiral of fear and death previously.

However, they had not known that the king and his most loyal jester were lovers, nor had they realized the king had been training his dearest fool. Gavin rising to power had not been by chance, but a carefully crafted plan.

And the brutality that the once-fool enacted upon them surprised even Ryan.


"Kneel." Gavin ordered from where he sat upon his throne, his cold, hazel eyes focused on the young man that stood before him, dirty and in a state of dilapidation.

The young beggar did as he was told as the king stood, taking slow, elegant strides towards him.

"So, you wish for a pardon on your payments, hmm?" He asked, his voice a low drawl. The man nodded, gaze burning into the floor. "Are you willing to die for your family to keep their land?" The man chanced a glance at the king tat was smirking down at him before nodding once again. 

"Are you willing to kill?"

The man tensed, fearful, and didn't respond. Gavin unsheathed his sword and rose it above his head threateningly, raising his voice. "I SAID, are you willing to KILL?" He emphasized and the man shook, letting out the smallest of whimpers before nodding.

Gavin lowered his sword, satisfied, and nodded towards a guard with curly red locks and a freckle-smattered face. "Knight Mogar, bring him in." The guard bowed obediently before marching to a wooden door. He pulled it open by it's brass-ringed handle with minor difficulties to reveal a woman, frail and shivering, behind it.

"Caleb, I would like you to meet Lindsay." Gavin spoke, his tone light with a hint of malice. "She is in desperate need of a pardon as well. As you can imagine, there is only room for one pardon." Caleb's eyes shot up to the king as realization dawned on him. The woman stepped forward, her fearful look turning to one of determination.

"The person that receives this life-saving pardon is up for you two to decide." He held his sword at arms length before letting it fall to the ground, hitting with a loud clatter that echoed through the stone room. "Whoops." He stepped back, ascending to his throne, as the two beggars sprang into action. 

Caleb was closer to the sword and he quickly snatched it up, but Lindsay was much more resolute on her goal. His hands shook violently and she took advantage of the fact to disarm him, gripping the sword in her much steadier palms.

"Please!" Caleb implored, his young face stained with tears. Lindsay hesitated, her hold on the sword faltering.

"Your family is waiting, Lindsay." The king called to her and her doubt was swept away.

"I am so sorry." She whispered, voice cracking; Caleb had barely any time to scream before the blade came down upon him and blood splattered upon the stone floor. The sword fell once more as the woman stood there, stunned, over the corpse.

Gavin clapped once, grinning. "Very good, Lindsay. Your debt for this month has been pardoned. I will expect my payment in for the next lunar cycle, however. Michael, escort Lindsay back to her estate. Ray, inform the man's family that they have until midday to pack up their belongings and vacate the land lest they be killed for trespassing. Geoff, Jack, clean up the mess. The rest of you lot shall return to your duties!" He barked the orders as he stretched his limbs.

"Except for you, fair Ryan." He added, smirking at the older knight. 

"Yes, my king." He bowed, following the young ruler through a set of iron doors and up a stone staircase.

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