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Its christmas today but i dont want to get up,i hate christmas alway so depressing and It has been two weeks.

Two weks since Harry has stopped talking to me,two weeks since i found out my dad was a murderer,found out my dad was Sirius Black,two weeks since i have been getting dirty looks from Harry,2 weeks since i have started getting nightmares of Mark back again.

I had so much fun at hogwarts that i forgot about Mark and i forgot about going home but now since Harry stopped talking to me I have been alone so i have had time to think of going back and i dont know what he will do or what i will do.

I have been hanging about with Neville alot because Harry wont let Ron or Hermione talk to me,Hermione walks with me sometimes but that only results in a fight between Harry and Hermione,he also gets annoyed with Ginny when she talks to me so i always feel so alone when someone trys to talk to me but Harry shouts at them,i am so lucky I have a friend like Neville,he is so nice to me and we are very close now.

I told him everything about my past and he was shocked but he promised not to tell anyone,he says to give Harry some time and he will come around,that what Ginny and Hermione said aswell but i do not think he will ever talk to me.I am so ashamed to be related to a murderer but its not my fault i was born into this world.

All I hear Harry talking about is killing Sirius Black and how much he dislikes me,Yesterday i told Lupin that Sirius was my dad and he said he needed to dicuss it with Dumbledore,i was alright with that though,i am pretty sure Dumbledore already knew who my father was anyway.

Hermione and Ron are always fighing when i see them because of Crookshakes chasing after Rons rat,i sometimes feel left out when i see them because i had loved hanging about with them but Neville is great,i dont know what i would do without him.

Buckbeak is being executed after christmas because he bit Malfoys hand,it was a shame i had to miss that but Hagrid was devestated when i went to visit him,i was devestated too,buckbeak and I had a great connection.All i ever do is cry now because of tne nightmares and dirty looks i get,buckbeak getting executed and knowing who i am related too.

I just want too lay in bed all day and hide away but i know someone will make me come down to celebrate christmas,I told Neville I hated christmas because of Mark,he said that christmas in hogwarts is amazing and i will love it but he will understand if i want to go for a walk by  myself or got to bed.

It is only six a.m now so i might as well make myself get up and put tne presents under the tree.It was only the weasleys,Harry,Hermione and Neville who stayed for christmas in Gryffindor so we had a christmas tree to ourselves.Neville was supposed to be going home to his granny but he  knew i would be allby myself and most likly crying in my bed all day so he asked his Granny if he could stay,of course she was upset he wasnt going home for christmas but she agreed happily.She had sent me letter before telling me how she cant wait to meet me sometime and Neville always talks about me and i always reply,this happens daily,i think sne likes having another girl to talk to,she is very nice.

I put the presents under the tree and go back to bed.

Hermiones P.O.V

Everyone is downstairs in their pyjamas happy that it is christmas.

Charlotte is still upstairs in bed I feel really bad that she is the only person not down.

I pull Ginny to the side,"Do you want to go and wake Charlotte i feel really  bad she is not down and Neville is all by himself ?"i ask her

"That is just wnat i was thinking,come on",Ginny says pulling me upstairs, we walk upto Charlottes bed and she is facing the other way.

"Get up Its christmas!!!!!!!",Ginny and I shouted together.

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