Birthday Surpise

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"You were never shot AND you hired that girl to be your girlfriend?! What the fuck Chris?" I said standing up in shock.
He stood up with me and looked me in the eyes and smiled for saying "Well, not all of it was fake. I really do only have one kidney."
"Goddammit Chris! Why the fuck did you do all of this?"
He stood there for a few seconds just looking at me.
"Well?" I asked before he pulled me into a kiss.

When we pulled back he said he loved me and I said it back. He then added "Btw this is your birthday surprise."
"That you love me?"
"no, look over there." He said pointing behind me to I turned around and saw nothing. "Chris there isn't anything-" I stopped talking when I saw him down on one knee.
"What are you doing?" I asked
"Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"
I nodded.
He then placed a candy ring on my finger. We both laughed.
"Just like when we were kids." I said looking at it. We then kissed.

This is the best present ever. It's Better than any concert or anything else money can buy. Because right here I have happiness that will last forever. It won't be over in two hours. I know he'll always be right here.

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