Locker rooms

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I looked at him. He was wearing dark red jeans and a white shirt. Unlike my light orange jeans and white shirt, that I thought fit pretty good with my blonde hair.

He just smirked at me.

-Teme stop smirking, Im trying to talk to you.

His smirk just grew wider. I could feel myself starting to grit my teeth.

-Just so you know, I changed my mind.

He raised a questioning eyebrow.

-God dammit will you just stop acting like you dont care the least about what I have to say?!

I slammed him back against the door, letting my anger show. His eyes widened, before he looked at me throughoutly, probably trying to guess what I was going to say.

-What are you saying, dobe?

I could feel my right eyebrow twitch slightly, and with that I bursted.

-Im trying to say that I liked kissing you Teme!

And with that I joined our lips together, memorizing the feeling of his lips on mine. I could feel him tense, and I pulled back.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at me, and my stomach froze.


He said in a low voice, giving me chills.

-What makes you think...

He continued, and my stomach also dropped.

-That you are the seme?

My eyes widened as he gripped my collar and spun us around, now me being the one against the door, not having time to react until I was pulled into a harsh kiss, now with me pressed against the door.

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