Episode 15 : Reunion Part 2

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*Screen shows the twins coming on stage as the audience applauds for them *


| Toni | 23 | Denver, Colorado | " The Trouble Making Twin"

" Hey Bitches and Hoes! It's me Toni! I am 23 and I'm from Denver. I'm here on the bad girls club to spice things up! This season will be amazing, full of twists and turns! I hope these girls are ready! Me and Tiffany are Twins! But it's so easy to tell us apart. She has an ugly nose , and I don't! But yeah, she's only here because I like dragged her along ; but don't get us wrong , I got her back and she got mine , and we are the baddest bitches.

| Tiffany | 23 | Denver, Colorado | " The Easy-Going Twin "

" Hey guys. I'm Tiffany, 23 , from Denver! I'm here on the bad girls to have some fun. I'm young , might as well live it up right! I'm a twin. Toni is my twin! We're here in Atlanta to have fun!

*Screen cuts back to the reunion and shows all 5 of the girls on stage taking off their shoes *

"Welcome ladies! Welcome!" Says Draya as she hugs Toni, then Tiffany.

*Screen shows Toni and Tiffany both sitting down on a separate couch *

"Okay, now ima need some help when it comes to telling y'all apart! Which is which?" Asks Draya which causes the audience to laugh

"I told y'all since day one! I have the better nose!" Says Toni.

" Yeah, and Toni's ass is bigger!" Says Tiffany.

*Screen shows the girls laughing *

"Why all y'all take y'all shoes off?" Asks Toni with a smirk.

"Oh, just in case you wanna pop off real quick and be sneaky. We came prepared bitch." Says Gianni.

"Gianni, you won't never be ready for me!" Says Toni.

"Bitch, I was ready for you in Cancun, ready for you in Atlanta, and im ready for your ass here in L.A. !" Says Gianni.

"Gianni shut up, I will whoop your ass with ease!" Says Toni.

"Come do it then! I've yet been shown!" Says Gianni.

"Girls! Girls! No fighting just yet! I need to ask Toni and Tiffany a few questions!" Says Draya with a a laugh.

"Fine go ahead." Says Gianni.

"Okay, now Toni and Tiffany. You guys started out at manipulating, strong , trouble making girls who basically ran the house, but you didn't run the house for long, as Gianni, Sierra, Brynn,Neveen and Amy pushed you two out of the house. Let's take a look." Says Draya.

*Screen shows all the girls facing their attention towards the screen *

~ Flashback ~

| Inside Toni & Tiffany's Room |

"Put all of their shit that can fit inside these bags!" Says Gianni as she hands the girls some bags.

*Screen shows Gianni putting all of

Toni's shoes inside the plastic bag , Brynn is shown putting and knocking down all of Tiffany's jewelry inside one bag , Amy is shown taking the covers off of their beds and putting it inside her bag, Neveen is shown taking a bunch of clothes from Toni's closet and putting it all inside her bag, and Sierra is shown dumping out all of the twins makeup inside the back *

"Stupid ass bitches!" Says Gianni as she tosses her bag down the stairs .

Confessional - Gianni ~ You thought , you guys had me scared and that I was gone keep putting up with your shit. You Thought Wrong !

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