Born with no one

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Hi I'm Riley, Riley Granger and I'm 19 and have a best friend called Rosie, Rosie Smith she is 21. Her love for one direction is as big as the world but I have never ever heard of them. Rosie keeps telling me how I look so much like Niall Horan and when he broke his leg my leg started hurting and we have the same birthday September 13 1993. I am currently in a orphage lying on my bed writing this a diary but I'm not putting Dear Diary, in it because I don't want to put it ok? And I don't want people going through it so I just put once upon a time... so they just think it's a story but most people don't come near me of my stuff because I was born with something wrong I was meant to be a boy but I got the strenght and all that of a boy but I looked like a girl talked like a girl I am all a girl if you want to put it that way you dirty poptarts. Anyway I love skate boarding, eating, surfing, tweeting, loving Justin Bieber and most of all PULLING PRANKS!!!!!!! that's how I got adopted and brought back here. I know your wondering how I'm still at a orphanage at the age of 19 well the person who owns the orphanage

was good friends with my mum untill she commited suicide its a long story so I will tell you when I tell the people who adopt me ( who knows when that will be)

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