Chapter 23

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The next morning.

Denali POV
I wake up to noise downstairs. So I drag myself out of bed to go check it out. When I get down to last step everything got quiet maybe whatever that was down there left. But I keep walking and the sounds came back from the halls.

Myles POV
I finally got into some girls house Ray said her name was YN and that he would leave a key under the mat at the back door for me to get in, in the morning but I was having problem getting in. But I think I hear someone coming.

Denali:*walks closer to the end of the hall* Is someone there??
Myles: Yeah.
Denali:*see him face to face* Umm don't come any closer or I'll scream.
Myles: Please don't I won't hurt you.*walking closer*
Denali: Don't come any closer. Just tell me why you are here??
Myles: Well I'm in town visiting a friend and he told me to come here and that he would leave a key under the mat for me.
Denali: What's your name and your little friends name??
Myles: My name is Myles big deal brown but you can call me Myles and my friend is Ray Ray but people call him Ray.
Denali: Oh okay I know him.
Myles: Is this your house are you YN??
Denali: No no this isn't my house and YN is asleep upstairs my name is Denali.
Myles: Oh and nice name.
Denali: Thanks and did you come here alone??
Myles: Yes but my gf should be coming soon.
Denali: Cool cool
Myles: Do you have a bf??
Denali: Yeah it's Princeton.
Myles: Haha you date afro puff.
Denali: He's my baby.
Myles: Cool so who else dates around here??
Denali: There's YN and Ray, Roc and my sister Estée and then there's Prod and Raina.
Myles: Oh okay cool.
Denali: Wait right here I'll go get the girls and the guys.
Myles: okay
Denali:*runs upstairs and gets the girls* Y'all wake up there someone I want you to meet downstairs.
Estée:*sleepy voice* Is this important??
Denali: Yeah it's a guy!!
They all jump up and run downstairs. Then Denali goes and gets the boys and now there all in the living room waiting to see Myles.
Denali: Ray was there something you forgot to tell us??
Ray:*half asleep* No I don't think so. Why??
Denali: Well... I'll just show you.*moves from the kitchen door and Myles walks out*
Myles: Hey guys!
Princeton: Yo bro what up??
Myles: Nothing just came in a while ago.
Roc: Bro long time no see.
Myles:*daps him*
Ray: Oh that's what I forgot.
Denali: Yeah
Girls:*stands there lost*
YN:*coughs* So who is this??
Myles: Sorry I'm Myles big deal brown but you guys can call me Myles.
YN: Nice to meet you I'm YN this is Estée *points to her* and this is Raina *points to her*
Myles: So your YN I've heard a lot about you.
YN: Good things I hope.
Myles: But of course.
Ray: Anyways where's your gf??
Myles: She will come tomorrow but who ready for the par(gco)
Princeton: Oh would you look the time.
Myles: You never let me finish.
Ray: Can me and the boys talk to you in the basement. Now!
Myles: Yeah sure.*follows the boys to the basement*
YN: That was odd.
Estée: Yeah I wonder what it was about.
Denali: Idk but it's noon I'm going to get some clothes on.
So the girls went upstairs and got some clothes on.

Meanwhile downstairs with the boys...
Ray: Man what was that about??
Myles: Idk what you mean.
Roc: You almost gave away YN's surprise party.
Prod: Yeah
Myles: I thought she and the girls knew.
Princeton: The girls know but it wouldn't be a surprise if YN knew.
Myles: Oh yeah good point

Skipping to a hour before the party...

Denali&Princeton phone convo
Denali: Did you and the guys get everything set up??
Princeton: Yeah we did people will be coming soon and you guys should come soon.
Denali: Why??
Princeton: The boys are eating everything.
Denali: We just have to pay for all our stuff and then we'll be there.
Princeton: Did you buy something that we could both enjoy??
Denali: Maybe.
Princeton: I like the sounds of that.
Roc:*in the background* Y'all need JESUS!!
Denali: He should mind his own business.
Princeton: Yeah no kidding.
Denali: But anyways I'll see you later we're going to leave now.
Princeton: Okay bye love.
End of phone convo

Girls shopping
Estée: YN you should wear that dress Ray will love your ass in it.
YN: Girl will you hush.
Raina: She's right you look hella hot in it.
Denali:*comes back to the group* Damn YN you looking good AF!
YN: Thanks y'all. I'm going to buy it but first I'm going to take it off.
Denali: No just go to the cashier with it on and later let Ray take it off for you.
YN: Okay you and your sister need to chill.*laughs hella hard*
Estée: Okay anyways we should go now.
They all got what they wanted and they got in the car and started driving. After a while they got to the house.
YN: Wow that was fun.
Girls(except YN): Yeah
YN: The neighbours have a lot of cars parked in front of their houses.
Raina: No kidding.
YN:*walking up to the door and opening the door* I wonder where the boys (gco)
Everyone even the girls: Surprise!!
YN:*shocked but happy then you started to cry*
Ray: Aww don't cry baby *hugging you*
YN:*still crying happy tears* You guys made me think y'all forgot it was my b-bay.
Ray: YN I would never forget such a special day.

After you cleaned your face up you all partied until it was 3 in the morning.

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