Chapter 3

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I was quite excited to hang out with Jake but I don't know anything about him, what if he was a rapist or a kidnapper or even worst. Skyler why you being so tense, just hang out with him once and see how it goes, I thought to myself. "Skyler,Skyler" I heard a voice say, dragging me from my thoughts and back to reality. It was my mom who was calling me, she indicated to me that we should get to our cabin so we could settle in.

We arrived at our cabin, mom inserted the room key and opened the door. We both entered the cabin and examined it. There were twin beds covered with a floral sheet and white pillows. Separating the two beds was a night table with a lamp with a very detailed design. The wallpaper was beige and had tiny flower printed on it and the bathroom was located to the left of the room.

I rested my suitcase on the floor and jumped onto the bed. According to the clock placed on the wall said 10:30. Since I was feeling a bit hungry I asked my mom if we can go eat. She said "Sure, but you go a head I'm not quite ready to eat as yet." I headed out the room and down the hallway towards the food court. As I entered the food court the first person I saw was........



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