Chapter 17: Prom

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*1 Month Later*

(Sunday 9:43 am)

-Roc's POV-

After my father got out of the hospital, I found out that him and my mother were dealing with a trial about Nadia's death. Apparently the police found a suspect and now an investigation was going on. My mom refused to tell me anything else because she swore an oath even though it's my fucking sister.

It was all my dad's fault in the first place. Because of whatever he was doing in the streets, someone decided to kill her to get back  at him. I really wish it was me sometimes, she really didn't deserve it. She's better than me, she had a future. I shook my head, I couldn't keep thinking about it.

Camryn got into all of the schools she wanted except UCLA. She was going to go to Le Cordon Bleu. I could tell it was still bothering her that we were going to different schools. Every time the subject comes she gets real quiet. I don't know what to say to her, I feel the same way. 

Other than that, it's been getting harder and harder to keep my hands off of her. I think she teases me without knowing. I don't know how long she's planning to wait, I don't want it to be too long, but I don't want to pressure her so I'm not even going to ask her. But she's so beautiful, I can't stop thinking about when I can finally have her.

The more comfortable we get with eachother, the more I love her. Being with her is the only thing that ever stops me from thinking about all the shit that's happening right now. For example, trying to find the right tux for prom in a few days when I don't really want to go. They're going to give me prom king and I don't feel like dealing with all the people on my dick afterwards. And that also means I will have to be with whoever wins prom queen for a lot of the night which is not what I want to be doing anyway.

Camryn told me to get a gold pocket square, which also means I have to get that gold flower thingy for her. After I found both and rented my suit, the total was $158. Waste of my money if you ask me, but I guess Camryn really wanted to go.

(Monday 11:09am)

The whole class was in the gym getting fitted for our graduation robes. Me and Camryn were sitting at the very top of the bleachers. She was just singing. She never sings, I didn't know what she was doing. "Ok. Why are you singing." "I'm bored. Let's do something." I just laughed. "They're going to call us soon." The robes we were getting were different because of our class rank. "No they're not. Come on." She lead me by my hand to my car. 

"Where are you trying to go with your crazy ass!?" She shrugged and straddled me. "Oh. I see. Freak." I said kissing her as she started giggling. "I'm bored." she said between kisses. She was messing with my belt. "Don't play Camryn." I said looking down. "Why do you think I'm playing?" I shook my head. "I don't think you're ready." I said laughing. She kissed my neck. My eyes widened. "Let's go back." She laughed and I shook my head. 

When we were walking back, I asked her "Don't you ever wonder if I'm a virgin?" "I never ask questions I don't want to know the answer to." she said. "You don't wanna know?" She took my hand. "I really don't." "Well. I am." I could hear the small sigh of relief she let out. It is kind of true.

"And I just won't ask you." I added, smirking. She side-eyed me. I laughed. "Sorry." "Yeah when I find that special someone..." My heart broke for a second then I realized she was messing with me. She was cracking up. "Yeah, that's funny." She was still laughing. 

"It won't be funny later." I said smirking as we walked back into the gym. "When is later?" I didn't respond. We finally got fitted for our robes. And I actually ended up being salutatorian instead of 4th, obviously Camryn was valedictorian. We were both gonna be giving speeches. Another unnecessary thing I have to do. I've never written a speech and I've never given a speech. I was just hoping I didn't get up there and look dumb.

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