~Crystal's P.O.V~

     Kol and I sat across from our parents in silence. We just looked at them, we couldn't say a word. I was filled with different emotions. Sadness, anger, happiness, and confusion.

    "So let me get this straight. You two left us, your children, at the age of 12 and 18 years old. How can you even do that then come back 7 years later and expect us to forgive you!? Do you guys have any idea how much pain you put us through? Do you have any god damn idea what the hell you put Crystal through!?!" I flinched as Kol yelled at them. He looked at me with sad eyes, "go check on Dylan and make sure the pack doesn't find our parents as a threat." I nodded and quickly exited the room.

   As soon as I got in my room I was engulfed into a hug. Tears began to fall. "I-I can't do this. I can't just allow them back in my life. Derek I can't..." "Crystal, Crystal look at me," I locked my glowing green eyes with Derek's red ones. "I love you. And I can't see you like this. Your stronger than this." I nodded my head at him and intertwined our fingers together. "Come with me?" I looked at Derek with hopeful eyes, "please?" "Of course I will." I smiled and kissed him.

     We walked back down stairs to Kol and my "undead" parents. "Do you mind if Derek joins us," I asked walking in the room holding hands with him. "Yes, we would this is a family matter." My father hissed eyeing Derek. I gave Kol a pleading look, "I need him here." Kol understood perfectly clear and nodded his head. "He can stay." I smiled a little as Derek and I sat on the couch. Well Derek sat on the couch, I sat on his lap.

    "Well Derek we haven't properly introduced ourselves, I'm Catherine, Crystal's mother." Derek growled lowly so only I could hear him. I grabbed his hand quickly and kissed it, "I'm Derek, Crystal's mate." My mother smiled brightly at this but my dad frowned. Then we heard crying sounds. I love my son so much, yes I get to leave this awkward silence. "Um. I'll get him." I say before running out of the room.

       "Baby, what's wrong." I asked the now two year old who was standing up in his crib. "I'm scarwed," he says in his small voice. Again I love my son. I wonder what my parents will think. Oh well. I picked him up and brought him down stairs with me.

    I gave them a small smile as I sat next to Derek with Dylan on my lap. "Kol!" Dylan exclaimed getting off my lap and wobbled to Kol. Kol smiled and picked him up, "hey buddy what have you been up to?" We forgot that our parents were in the room. "Therwe were monsters in my woom, but mommy scarwed tem away." Dylan said tugging on a piece of Kol's hair. Why he does that is beyond me. "Crystal Silver Banks, you didn't tell me you had a precious baby boy." My mom said with a big smile. My dad glares at Derek, Derek glares right back at him. Kol handed Dylan to me.

   Derek stood up and walked towards Kol, I guess to talk to him but my father grabbed him by the back of the neck and drug him outside. Dylan hid his face in my neck, probably scared of my dad. "Um, Lydia take Dylan upstairs." I said as the pack came downstairs. "Ok come on Dylan," she says trying to get him off of me but he had a death grip on me. "Dylan, sweetheart you have to let go so I can help daddy." "But if you weave ta monsters will tome back." I shook my head, "Dylan everyone else will take care of you. I promise I'll come right back." He nods and let's go of me. I quickly run outside, "dad stop you're going to hurt him!" I yell as my dad's eyes glow green. "You had a child with my daughter?!?" He yelled at Derek. "Yup and there's more where that came from," why does Derek have to be so cocky. Doesn't he realize that he's about to get killed.

        Kol easily tackles our dad to the ground, "stop it." "Are you siding with the enemy Kol? You of all people know how they are and what they can do!" My father yells at him. Kol's eyes glow their orange color, "I'm siding with my sister! They're not like other wolves, they don't kill. They are family!" That's really how Kol feels, he's so sweet. I love my brother. Derek changed and looked towards my father and brother. I quickly stepped in front of him and put my hands on him face. "Derek calm down," he growled in response not looking at me. "Derek look at me." He growled again and took a step forward, pushing me forward as well.

      'Kill your enemies.' His wolf said in his head.

   "If he's looking for a fight then I'll give him one," my dad hisses. Kol wrapped his arms around me but released quickly. I think I shocked him. I grab Derek and smash my lips onto his. He changed back and kissed me.

   We both pulled apart and heard laughing. We looked over to see Allison and Scott in their own little world. They're so cute.


R.I.P Allison Argent. She was one of my favorites

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