chapter two.

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They both have the same features as Eli did. The same guy from yesterday, Liam, came up to the stage and tapped the microphone just as he did today.

I barely listened to his first minutes of the speech and took in the scenery. Everyone still wore white attire and the tables were draped in white cloth with red wine placed for a table 8. There were many of them.

There were only about 15 of the 21 year olds here in the New York City department graduating and the rest were plucked from different cities to come over.

New York City had minimal people attending. Apparently Miami has the most, with 20,000 in a wide-spaced building. We only 500 (NYC isn't that famous in this timeframe anymore).

I'm brought back to listening to Liam when he points to Eli's parents. "This is Walt and Lia Vonda. Tonight, their son Luke will be graduating from our department. As you all know, Eli was murdered" -a short pause took place again, and another time for me to roll my eyes for his stupidity- "and the government decided to show him his family. Rarely brothers and sisters will meet. We all know this morning, we had a meeting over Eli Vonda. These two were helping her to escape this department and to show a great deal of what would happen if the rules are betrayed, they will be put to death."

My whole body was numb and I hadn't even noticed their hands were put into silver cuffs. The cops yanked them up by their legs and forced them out the room. Everyone was silent.

"But surely, we won't be doing that now," Liam spoke into the microphone probably inferring that we'll save it for later. "Let's get on with this, yeah?"

"Kris Wittick from NYC and Rue Malone from Boston." That kid I saw earlier today. He was dressed in an exquisite white tux and Rue was dressed in a flowing white dress with gold glitter in certain places.

Kris held an amazing, bright smile and Rue didn't look all that happy.

The two both have to sip the wine, which I heard tastes way better than the one I'm drinking right now. They're able to take the wine glasses with them. "Your house is in NYC, please take the card with you and have a happy, marvelous marriage.

Usually they marry within a month, if they're lucky. Sorting the house to their liking takes a month but sometimes eager ones get married within a week.

Kris and Rue walk off the stage and the two guys I saw laughing at Kris for running into me, stands up and pats his back happily.


It took 3 hours for the graduation to take place. They haven't announced anything with Walt and Lia Vonda but a different man walked up to the microphone, booming loudly, "we present, Harry Styles, from London of 20 years of age who will be staying her at the New York City department."

He was...gorgeous.


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