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I'm walking to my baby when I get a text message

'remember me'

I paused

'who's this' I texted

'it's your first girl friend Hannah'

my face drained of color oh my gosh she's back. I looked down because I felt another text message the my heart burst.

'I want you back'

oh damn

'where are you?' I asked hoping she's nowhere near me.

'turn around'

I turned around and there she was standing before me my lover from way back when.

"so are you going to take me back?" she asked face as serious as ever.

"I thought you didn't want to go that way." I said with an angry look.

"I changed my mind I've been thinking about it for a while and now I'm ready to come out." she said now I'm super mad

"you should have came out sooner then maybe we could have been something." I said

she stepped closer to me to where out lips almost touched.

"you know you want me back and I'm not going to stop until you take me back besides who do you go with? and is she as pretty as me?" she said and looked deep into my eye's. All anger was going crazy in my vain's.

"first off I do go with somebody and she's way prettier then you second of all what makes you think you can come up on me and-----" I was cut off by soft lips touching mine and all thought has out of my head I started kissing back i-i have to stop with all urge I broke the kiss and ran I ran so fast I saw jackkie staring with her mouth open I didn't mean to I ran even faster trying to hide hide deep I ran into the woods and deep into them why did she come back and ruin what I have.


my phone has been going off the chain from Hannah, jackkie and my mom texting me. My phone rung.

'hello' I said

'where the hell are you at' jackkie screamed into the phone.

'I can't tell you that' I said.

'look I don't care what happened earlier just come home' she said in a concerned voice.

'yes you do' I said in no way does she not care I know she do.

'ok I do just tell me where you are so we can talk about it'.

'I can't do that jackkie'.

with that said I hung up and started walking home.

this happened all because Hannah.


"where the hell have you been?" my mom yelled at me.

"I've been in the woods hidden from what happened in school today." I said

"well your grounded go up stairs and shower and the come eat." I nodded and walked up stairs.

I opened the door and went to my closet I heard the door close behind me and saw a crying jackkie.

"omg jackkie why are you crying?" I asked her.

"i-i thought I lost you". she said. I walked up to her and hugged her she hugged me back tightly like she's trying to strangle me.

"you'll never loose me.. and can you like stop trying to squeeze my guts out please." I said and she loosed up. I felt my phone vibrate.

Hannah c.

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