Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


                Lance CoolWater sat by his desk going over all the paperwork that he had on the Hung Sim case, Bruce Valentine case, and now the two Blood gang members cooked on the sidewalk on Gates avenue. Then he took out Damien Xavier's file and tried to combine them. He knew that the Bruce Valentine case had nothing to do with Xavier but there may also be a clue there too.

                Archer went to set up with his team to do a drug raid on some predominantly drug stash apartments and houses. CoolWater was given permission to tag along if it might help his case. CoolWater knew that it wouldn't. That was a drug thing, evidence would be to help a narcotics case not a Homicide one. CoolWater politely declined. However he did take the information that Archer gave him to help him further his investigation. Even though he told his partner, Timothy Lawson, that he would drop it and let it just take its course. He still feel like a dog with a new bone. As long as there was still meat on that bone, he was going to keep chewing. Besides whoever this Xavier worked for had the audacity to kill a witness while in police custody so he really wanted to not only nail the so called 'Dog' but the owner.

                CoolWater’s desk phone rang.

                "Detective CoolWater," he greeted.

                "We have a gentleman that wish to see you about a matter," the front desk officer said on the other end. "Should I send him over?"

                "Pertaining to what?" CoolWater flipping through a page in a document he was holding. "I'm very busy today."

                "He said pertaining to the fireball that took place in Brooklyn," the desk officer responded. "Says he knows who the flame thrower was?"

                "Send him back," CoolWater said then hung up the desk phone. He tried to clear some of the paperwork he had scattered over the desk.

                A man wearing baggy jeans and a New York Giants Jersey with the fitted cap to match turned backwards on his head approached his desk. CoolWater examined the ruffian as the guy pulled up a chair from a nearby desk and sat down in it. CoolWater swear he saw this person somewhere before but couldn't place it. The man scratched his beard and spoke.

                "Hear you pigs...oops I mean…officers looking for the guy that did those fireworks on Gates," the ruffian said slouching back in the chair.

                "Yes, my name is Detective Cool Water...” CoolWater introduced. "I'm handling some of the aspects of the case. I'm sorry…what's your name?"

                CoolWater extended his hand.

                "Just call me Guy," The man didn't even raise his hand to shake Cool Water’s.

                ""Um ok, like I was saying," CoolWater continued putting his hand back on his desk. “I’m reviewing over the case and..."

                He looked at the ruffian hard as he told his lie. Actually he wasn't put in charge of the case. He still was cleaning up the mess from the Valentine's case that slipped away from and left one city witness dead and almost stamped the department with an incompetence logo. And after his talk with Archer, he realized that he was going against an adversary that was trying to outsmart not only him but the whole law enforcement unit as a whole and laughing about it as dead bodies piled up beside him. Valentine, Hung Sim, they all connected to one guy and the sad part was CoolWater now knew some of the players but there still missing pieces that made even those players hard to capture.

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