Please no!

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Marco's POV

Dear Marco, 

Baby this is for your own good. I'm not puting the you or anyone in danger. That would be so selfish of me. this is something I need to do myself. I need the handle my mom. I love you so much. You are my other half, please know that. This is going to be very hard. I Isabella Ramos reject you Marco Lacroix. Remember that I LOVE YOU.



I feel the break of our connection. Thats it.


This can't be happening.I tried to mind link her but since our connection is broken I couldn't reach her.

I still have her scent. I call all our best fighters to the living room now.

" Everyone your Luna has run away." I say abd everyone gasps.

" But not for the reasons youthink. She got a threat from her mom that she needed to be in Miami  in 3 days or everyone would die. She did it for you all." I say as my throat starts to close. 

"All of the fighters and whoever esle wants to fight for your Luna, we will be leaving in 20 minutes so get ready."I say and everyone rushes off.

Here I come baby. 

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