part 4

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Chloe: *looks* Hey that’s Blue Lagoon! It’s known for it’s healing properties, and is naturally heated by geothermal energy.

Italy Chloe and America: *start to precipitate lightly*

Chloe: Maybe if we get close enough I can use my telepathy to talk to onii-chan.

Italy: onii-chan?

Chloe: Big brother in Japanese. *uses Telepathy* -BIG BRUDDER!!!!-

Iceland: -Chloe? I thought you were out with germany and Italy?-

Chloe: -I was but then Germany had to go take care of something with Russia, and asked me to show Italy the water cycle-

Iceland: -So then why is America here?-

Chloe: - He got caught into the spell-

Iceland: -So why didn’t you put him back?-

Chloe: -I kind of don’t know how…..-

Iceland: -*mental sigh* and you still performed the spell?-

Chloe: -I wasn’t thinking….-

Iceland: -You never are-

Italy: Hey, Chloe?

Chloe: Yep?

Italy: Why are there bubbles? How do they form?

Chloe: Easily! Through a process called Aeration. Air is circulated through, mixed with, or dissolved in a liquid or substance. In this case the liquid is water.

Italy: uh huh.

Chloe: That’s why when the water crashed down from the waterfall all the bubbles form, the water pushes air into the lagoon. And it is also called a dissolved gas, more specifically a type of dissolved gas.

Italy: What's that?

Chloe: A dissolved gas is a mixture of gas and a solute.

Italy: ooh.

Norway: So I hear you guys are stuck as water?

Chloe: yeah… I don’t know how to change us back…….

Norway: Fir-

Iceland: You're just going to tell them like that? I say we make her work for it since she was the once stupid enough to cast a spell that she didn’t know how to reverse.

Norway: She will have to work to reverse the spell. First you have to turn yourselves into an acid, then I have to check the chemical composition, if it’s right then I can reverse the spell, if not you're going to have to change some variables.

Chloe: Um, ok. But why don’t you change us to an acid?

Norway: It has to be in nature, otherwise the chemical composition wont be right.

Italy: What is Chemical composition?

Norway: the type and ratio of atoms in molecules and substances.

Italy: oh, ok….

Chloe: So I think we should we should go to sulphur springs.

Italy: Where would that be?

Chloe: I’ll figure it out, hey where’s America?

America: WHOOOOO!!!!!

Chloe: He’s somewhere inappropriate isn’t he?

Iceland: Yep, also you do realize I’m covered in Volcanoes, and there’s a ton of sulfur springs, AND THIS IS A SULFUR SPRING!!!!!!!!!

Chloe: So would that mean we’re already technically an acid?

Iceland: Yes, now go get America so we can get you home and change you back

~Time: About 5:00pm (They stayed in the same time zone)

  Place: Icelands House~

Norway: *checking the Chemical composition*


Italy: Please calm down, you’re scaring me

America: Man, that girl had nice boobs!

Norway: Looks like you’re composition is good now I’m going to dump you guys on the table and complete the spell. *dumps the glass on the table*

Italy: Can I have pasta after this?

Norway: * completes revere spell*

Italy Chloe and America: *back to normal*

America: *tries to jump off the table but falls* OWWWW, what the heak!

Norway: I forgot to tell you, your bones will be liquefied for a while. For about 2 hours.

Iceland: Wait a minute… I thought one of your dads was the sea god?

Chloe: ……..

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