Chapter 4

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"I trust your journey to Earth went well?" Asked miss F.

"It did, but we ran into a wizard and witch, Jake and Jessica. They seem really powerful." I said.

"I could sense their strength." Said Alexis.

"What are we going to do? The Earth fairies can't even control them." Said Michaela.

"I do have a solution. You must find the Inspiration. It's a gem that's found on Earth, when it's used it enhances a fairies natural ability and with it gains you a new transformation. With its specialty spell, a fairy unlocks the Earthix Power. This new transformation will make you perfectly in tune with nature and it's elements. In order to pass the gem's test you must use it with great courage and strength. It's getting late now. You will go to Earth in search for it tomorrow." Said miss F.


The next morning we all got up and went down to the courtyard. As we walked down we seen miss F standing infront of the ship and we seen some other people with her.

"Good morning." Said miss F.

"Good morning, who's this behind you?" I asked.

"These are specialists from the Magix Defense school, Josh and Matt, and this is Dove, Fairy of Nature. They will be helpful for extra assistance for where your going." Said miss F introducing us.

"Where are we going?" Alexis asked.

"We are going to the Mayan Ruins to search for the Inspiration." Said Matt.

"There isn't a lot of exploration done there so it may be more dangerous than anticipated." Josh added.

"Well, I do know that wherever we go, we are going in style." I said giving everyone exploration appropriate clothing.

"Nick, you out do yourself every time!" Said Michaela.

"Now that your ready to go, let's send you off then." Said miss F.

"Lets go. SOLAR TRANSPORT" I said teleporting us to the ruins.

"Good luck!" Shouted miss F.


We arrived infront of a large cave like shrine. We started to walk inside the tunnel, it was dark and covered with tons of plants and weeds and flowers.

"What's up with all these bugs!!!" Shouted Michaela swatting at them.

"There are lots of little insects and creatures down here to deter people from coming in and trying to steal the treasures." Said Dove.

"What kind of treasures would be down in a hole?" Asked Alexis.

"Actually lots, Mayan civilizations stored there treasured possessions in here. So they would be harder to find." She replied.

"It feels like we have been going on forever! When will we get to the end?" Asked Matt.

"I think we should be coming out to an open area right about now." Said Dove as we entered a large underground temple.

"Wow, this place is huge!" I said.

"It's beautiful, in here is some of the oldest artifacts in the world. The inspiration should be somewhere between these caves, there are three main parts." Said Dove showing us her map.

The map was very old but showed us the three main parts, it had something in another language by the looks of it. She used a spell to translate it to English. Only a few minutes of examining the map we started searching. The map said it was hidden somewhere and it would only reveal itself to someone worthy of the heart.

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