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Nina's POV

"Then what?" Paul asked, resting his hand on my bandaged one. "Is that all you remember, Neens?"

I sighed and tried to remember anything else. I nodded and said, "That's all I remember. I got up to go to the comfort room, then, all I could hear was screaming and yelling. Then, I felt the plane drag lower and lower. And then, boom. Black."

 "After that?"

"Still nothing," I answered. "When Ian found me, that was the first time I woke up under all that metal and... ouch-."

My temple throbbed painfully and I winced. Ian rushed towards me and sat next to me. "Babe, are you okay? What hurts?" 

"I'm fine, I'm fine," I whispered, holding onto his hand.

Ian kissed me on my temple and bit his lip. He looked at Paul and smiled. Paul stood up and said, "I think I should let you rest, hon. You seem tired."

I yawned and he laughed. He bent over to kiss me on the forehead and ruffle Ian's hair. Ian groaned and Paul said, "I'll catch you two later."

"Yes, yes we'll see you guys too," Ian answered. "How's Torrey?"

"She's doing better. Doctors said she might just be ready to be discharged in two days," he said. "She'll be staying at home with me."

"That's great news," I said. "Say hi to her for me."

"She'll be glad to hear it," he said. "Love you guys."

"Love you too," Ian said.

"Hey!" I groaned loudly, faux-jealous. Paul chuckled and blew him a kiss. Ian pretended to catch it with his hand and clutch it to his heart. 

I rolled my eyes and rest my head on Ian's shoulder. Paul closed the door behind him and shoved Ian away from me.

"What gives?" he asked, laughing.

"I want to sleep alone today," I muttered. "You can go now."

He looked at me sadly and cocked his head to the side. "Did I say something?" he asked. "Neens..."

"No, you didn't," I groaned. "But since you love Paul now, I think I can do without you for the night."

He rolled his eyes and hugged me gently. "I love Paul, but that doesn't mean I love him more than I love you," he said. 

I placed my head in the crook of his neck and he laid down next to me, clutching me in his arms. He kissed me on the temple and whispered, "You must be tired. You should rest."

I shook my head and placed my hand around his. "I'm not tired," I said. "I just had a little pain in my head from remembering all of that. It's nothing."

"Never ever tell me that something that hurts you is nothing," he muttered. "Never."


He sat up and put my face in his hands, careful not to brush against my almost-crippled legs. He clutched my cheek in his palm and ran his thumb over my bruised cheek. I winced, but eventually felt the soothing Ian-ness of it. 

"Babe, you don't understand," he whispered. "After all that shit we've been through, we ended up being together through all of it. We just got back together and I finally told you I loved you again. Then, you leave me and it's heartbreaking. But, nothing's ever going to hurt more than the feeling I felt when I thought I lost you forever. Do you know how awful that was for me? I wanted to drown myself or get run over."

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