Chapter 11

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Zayn rushed me to the hospital beucase I was dying of pain. "Hang on girl." he said to me "Just hang on don't let go rose." Wait my name wan't rose.

"Zayn... my names not rose. it Jaclyn." I told him. "you can be so stupid sometimes" I said rolling my eyes like a bitch.

"Hey gurl that is no way to talk to me" he said snapping his fingers in a z formation for dramatic effect.

"What are you gonna do kill me I'm dying already." Like what even zayn. You can't talk that way to a dying gurl.

We were driving way over the speed limit and were stoppped by police. "We are the freaking policee." they said to us as zayn rolled down his window. "why you be drivin that fast????" The asked us.

"GURL I'M DYING" I sreamed cluching my stomache in payne. (see what i did there;)

"My bby girl is dying in the front seat we gotta go" He said while looking at me. "I will not have her get her blood everywhere this is a new car quite expensive too, and I don't want it to get ruined with her nasty blood." wow Zayn love you too....

"I still have to give you a ticket for this" The police man said as he walked back to his car.

"ohh I will not have this!!" Zayn said as he pressed the pedal and drove off into the sunset leving the police behind.

We finally arived at the hospital,a dn Zayn picked me up and carried me out the car "WE NEED A DOCTOR.!!!!!!!!!!!" He sreamed.

Doctors rushed up to him and took me out of his arms as I passed out.


My eyes opened and I didn't kno where I was. The room I was in looked like a hospital room it was like really really white. pretty fugly if you ask me.

I saw Zayn as well as the other four boys sleeping in pile the corner. Aww they really do care for me.

"OMG guys shes awake." I herd from thier pile in the corner. they all were sudently away and rushed towards me.

"we thought you were dead." niall screamed as tears leaked from his eyes. "Wat is wrong with me????? Am I going to died????" I asked.

"We don't kno the doctor wouldn't tell us anything util the tests came bck."

"I go get him." one of the boys said.

Soon the doctor walked in my room holding his clip board. "so doctor is it fatal???" I asked him in panic.

"yes" he said very dramatically. tears burst from my eyes.

"lol gurl calm down." he said. "i was just kidding. You just got your period, and if you ask me i think you over reacted just a bit."

"So im not dying.:???" I asked.

"lol no."

"And I'm not preggers ether??"

"naw son."

"but like I felt a kick in my stomache???" I said. I was like sure I was preggers.

"gurl, you not dying and you not preggers, kk.?!"

"kk." I said back as he left the room.

"Well thats a relife" liam said. all of the other boys agreed with him.

"Yass" I said. "Umm like can we leave.??"

"I guess" zany said.

So we walked out of the hospital.


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