Breathe (Freewood)

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"Did you know that the water you drink could be the same water someone drowned in? Or the breath you just took could be the last breath another person let out before dying?"

"Did you know the box jellyfish has sixty-four anuses?"

Ryan gave Gavin an incredulous look for a moment before rolling his eyes and pulling the Brit closer to his side. 

"How do you even.... I love your weird mind." He sighed and Gavin giggled, pressing a kiss to his stubbly cheek.

"And I love your brilliant one." Gavin cooed, their lips connecting briefly.

"Aww look at the beautiful couple!" Ray squealed as the office door opened, the other workers returning from lunch break. 

"More like vomit-inducing." Michael quipped and Gavin stuck his tongue out, not moving from where he was snuggled against Ryan's side on his couch.

"Okay, assholes, gay fun time is over. We have some work to do." Geoff grumbled as the two men unfolded themselves, stretching their limbs.

"So, Gav, I was thinking that after work I'd swing by the store and get some wine and you could make something for dinner. We could make a whole thing of it." Ryan suggested and Gavin's face practically lit up.

"Yes! I have the perfect dinner in mind. Ooh, I think we have the supplies for it, too! You'll have to drop me off before getting the wine, though, so I can get started immediately." He bounced over to the older man excitedly, rubbing their noses together. "It's gonna be top!"

"The gay in this room is tangible. Seriously, I think I see little pink sparkles floating around." Michael snickered. 

"Oh God, are they on me?!" Ryan began swatting at the air wildly with a face of pseudo-panic.

"You silly little sausage." Gavin smiled and Ryan grinned at him, blue eyes sparkling.

"So, what are we doing today?" Ryan asked, turning to his boss.

"We're gonna start with the new versus, actually. Lucky for you two, it's Ryan versus Gavin. You got your game picked out, Ryan?"

"Definitely." Ryan smirked knowingly and Gavin threw him a confused look. "You've been doing too good for too long, Gavin. It is time for your reign to be brought to an end." He murmured playfully as they began to set things up, working around one another as they did daily.

The red light clicked on and excitement fueled the air as the lads hopped around one another.

"Iiiiiiiiit's VERSUS!" Geoff yelled and cheers filled the small office. "Number... what, Jack?"

"I dunno, I think number one hundred and twelve?"

"Doesn't matter! What DOES matter is that it's Ryan versus Gavin, lover against lover, Romeo against Juliet, gay against gayer, I can keep going with this all day if you want!" 

"That won't be necessary, Geoff." Ryan interjected, chuckling. 

"Then how about you tell us what game you'll be facing him in today?" Ryan cocked an eyebrow, his eyes glancing between Gavin and the camera.

"Ladies and gentlemen, and anything in between, we're taking this.... outside!" He yelled and the men burst into more cheers with a scream of "HARDCORE MAKEOUT SESSION" from Ray mingled in.

"How do you feel about this, Ray?" Michael asked in an interviewer's voice as they made their way out of the building.

"I don't like it already, Michael! Outside is a frightening thing." He joked and the men laughed.

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