Oh Baby

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Scraping my hands along the spines of the books, I walked down the aisle. Never judge a book by it's cover well I wasn't. Only judging them by their names. Was that just as bad as the judging by the cover? Eh, maybe but I didn't have time to pull every single book out to red the summary. Reaching the end of the teen fiction section, I made a turn to the other teen fiction half.

I stopped instantly when I saw someone else there. From what I was able to see, she was absolutely gorgeous. A book rested in her hands, she was skimming through it. Since she was looking down at it, she had to brush a strand of her own hair behind her ear. She was so lost in the reading that she didn't even notice me there.

Wondering what she was reading, I discreetly tried getting a glimpse of the cover. When she turned the page, I was finally able to it. My Cousin. Hey, I had read that book before. Wait a minute, that was a lesbian story... and about cousins. Hmm, was she gay? I couldn't jump to conclusions, just because she was looking through it didn't mean that she was.

Taking a look around me, Barnes & Nobles was somewhat lonely today. There were some chit-chat here and there but nothing more. Only the making of coffees and shakes were heard from Starbucks. Seeing as how no one was really around, I decided to approach the girl.

I don't know what it was. The fact that I loved her outfit. Black skinny jeans, which I been dying to buy more of. Her silky straight hair, yet with wavy ends. Maybe it was her jacket, which I had one just like it. And by the way, it was one of my favorites. The denim one with the thin leather sleeves. Or was it her vans? Those complimented the jeans very well.

Or was it the fact that she was skimming through a lesbian book? I felt intrigued by her immediately, since I made that turn. At that very moment, I felt attracted by her. It might sound dumb, but like if there was an energy force pulling me towards her. Funny how I could feel like that towards a complete stranger.

Trying to see normal about it, I walked but looked at the books. Pretending to be searching for one. It's not like it mattered though, she was still completely focused in the book.

"Very entertaining, huh?" okay, I found the courage to speak. She glanced at me, then at the book.

"Yeah," she politely looked at me now. "Have you read it?" she asked while closing the book.

"Yeah," I nodded. "I actually finished reading it like two weeks ago," I added, not wanting the conversation to end. God, she was beautiful. Her skin seemed so delicate, clear and soft. Usually during these situations my heart wouldn't be beating at a fast pace but it was right now.

"Oh cool. Do they end up together?... Wait, don't tell me," haha she quickly changed her mind. Anyways, I wasn't going to tell even if she wanted me to. A book was meant to be read, she had to find out by herself. By reading it all.

"I recommend for you to read it," I smiled.

Her eyes narrowed down to the book, "Yeah, I will," her eyes shifted up, looking at me. She returned the smile, which made me feel funny. Almost like giggling.

My eyes shifted to the boom shelves as I tried thinking of anything else to say. And quick. The conversation was about to end if I let it. Thinking about her walking away bothered me. It was one of those times when you just felt like staring at someone because of how intriguing they appeared to be.

"Um hey, would you like to get coffee with me?" okay, where did that come from? My mouth blurted it out.

She made a thoughtful expression, "Um, sure," she nodded. Great! Still carrying the book in her hands, we walked towards the Starbucks set up.

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