Stylinson Larry Stylinson

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Liam Payne and Zayn Malik had commited the worst crime known to man. They were gay. Now you people in America make a big deal about gay people and marriage. However here in Ailes

being gay is punishable by death. In Ailes conformity is key. Don't be different and life will be fine. Zayn and Liam are different though. They hacked the big screen in Indigo Square during the marriage of Liam's ex girlfriend Danielle Peazer to his best friend Andy. What did they show on the screen? Their own wedding performed by Zayn's best friend Perrie Edwards. Perrie was already executed by Secret Agent Ed Sheeran. However Zayn and Liam are sneaky and Niall Horan will need BOTH of his top agents to catch them. Problem is... they hate each other. Rivals. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have hated each other for as long as Niall can remember but now he needs them to work together for this job only they can do.

{A/N} well that's the prologue hopefully u all like it!

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