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The feeling of Kale’s fangs scraping against the pale skin of my neck was like a bomb going off in my head. It obliterated all rational thought or needs from my brain. Food? Never heard of it. Drink? Never needed it. Air? An illusion.

None of it seemed to mean a thing because Kale was going to bite me.

His teeth scraped painfully slow against my jugular and I let out a breathless moan. His body freezes and his teeth move away from the flesh of my neck as he slowly extracted his wrist from my still suckling mouth. I almost whine out loud but instead settle on pouting.

Why did he stop?

“I can’t.” he whispers. “I can’t do this.”

“What?” I say breathlessly.

My mind is humming from his blood in my system making his words not really sink in. when they do I instantly recoil like I’ve been slapped. Its painful to know that this overwhelming need for him is one sided. I’m instantly off my high.

“Fine.” I snap. “Then get out.”

His eyes are intense as they search my face. What does he want to see? If I’m sure about kicking him out? If he asks I’ll tell him how sure I am and maybe even with a physical blow too.

“It’s for the best, Ruby.” He said dully.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say. Now please leave.”

And he did.

And it hurt.

But why?


A week later and Kale is still floating around the house. I ignore him the best I can despite his burning black eyes watching me all the time. I want him gone and I don’t at the same time.

I miss the simplicity of Zack.


Now that’s something I try not to think too hard about. The mourning had subsided into a waning feeling of guilt. The truth was as bad as I felt about killing him there was little I could do about it now. Wallowing in the it wasn’t going to be doing me any good and if there was any truth in what Kale has been spouting I was going to be living a long time.

And by ‘a long time’ I mean eternity.

From thinking I was dying to knowing I was never going to die was a heard pill to swallow. Everything was turned on a head and for someone who was used to routine and knowing what to expect…it was unsettling.

Despite that though I was happier then I had been in a while. Mom and dad let me go outside all the time, well other then the bright sunny days. Turned out that when there wasn’t overcast or anything blocking direct connection to the sun I would blister painfully from the sun’s rays. I made the mistake a week ago forcing Kale to come get me and feed me some of his blood again.

I managed to control my needs this time.

Okay, maybe one moan may have escaped but he just tasted so…heavenly.

Currently I was sitting in a tree, it was sprinkling out so the sun was hidden by a layer of dark clouds blocking it from hitting me with its blistering effects. The drizzle danced across my skin but I didn’t feel the cold of the little wet drops.

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