Chapter 2: Chloe

Something fell on my face.

Gasping, I jump out of my skin, my hands flying in front of my face. Feeling around the ground, I grab at what had fallen on me. Squeezing it in my hands, I come to the conclusion that it was a roll of toliet paper.

What was happening? Where am I?

"Oh, god." I mumble, feeling a rush of stabbing pain in my head. "What's going on?"

I hear movement and then I see a strip of white light. I roll over onto my stomach, nausea clear when pressure is put on my gut. Crawling forward, I reach for the strip of light, the only source in this pitch black room.

I hear movement from behind the door -I can only guess it's a door. A thin light at the bottom of a wall which had movement behind it? Doesn't seem real.

Moving my hand, I feel up the door for a handle. I finally feel it the cold metal of the handle and I grasp it.

Before anything else happens, the door is pushed in towards me by surprise. My already throbbing head, begins to pound even more.

I fall to the floor and groan in pain.

"What the hell is going on?!" I hiss, holding my head with my hands.

"You know, you should be a little more grateful." A male voice says to me.

A light is flicked on and I hiss in pain. God damn it! Didn't he know it was painful?

"Oh yeah, I'm so happy that you hit me with a door, twice." I say back in an exhausted tone.

"I thought I killed you!" He chuckles. "Don't you know how happy I am?"

"You're happy that I'm not dead?" I ask, opening my eyes again.

"Well, of course!" His feet shuffle for a moment and I hear him moving something. A box is placed down by my feet and I hear him sit on it.

I push my hands into the floor to stand up, when a hand goes out and grabs a fist full of my shirt, instantly hoisting me up.

"Ah! Let me go!" I scream, trying to swat their hands away.

I'm mid-way to sitting up fully and the hand lets go, allowing gravity to take over so I could fall. I land hard on my back, the wind knocked out of me.

"I wasn't trying to cop a feel, I was just trying to help." His voice announces.

I look up at him, almost shocked. It takes a lot to make me shocked, but I was fully surprised.

Opening my eyes wider, I look up to see a new face of a guy. His hair was fluffy and almost feather like, he looked like he was a lost puppy. He wore jeans, black shoes, a dark green t-shirt that exposed half his forearms to be covered in dozens of colorful bracletes. All of them ranged from leather cords, to woven threads and just random collections of similiar styled jewlery.

I've never seen him before, at least not at this school. I push myself up to sit up straighter. I couldn't help but wonder what he was doing here with me.

"Hello," he smiles at me.

It takes me a few moments to connect the dots.

"You're Mr. Straightforward, aren't you?"

"Mr. Straightforward?" He mulls over the name aloud. "I guess you could call me that."

"You're that new guy that ditched first period." I state, knowing it just had to be him.

"I was curious to see what you guys had to offer here. I've never been to a high school before."

"You shouldn't have walked off." I mumble, looking down. My head continued to ache, but talking to someone helped to distract me. Oh great, I was thinking about it again. "Why'd you hit me with the door?"

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