Chapter 74 ~ epilogue -18 years later

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Emily's pov

"I hate you carl you always ruin everything just stay out of my life" i hear chloe scream and I run up to her with tears in her eyes

"oh baby girl" i say and hug her

"mum what did I do wrong" she says 

"you did nothing wrong he cheated on you and he deserves the punishment" i say

"really is this how yours and dads relationship started" she says 

"something like that" i say

"can you tell me the story" she says 

"well I was 18 and your dad was 19 and grandma and grandad that unfortunatly died got dad to be my babysitter and yeah my ex cheated on me and he was there, we became best friends and I fell in love with your dad and we had one fight but yeah he then proposed and then we had you and then your brother" i say

"well I want a story like yours and dads" she says 

"well I am glad you do but sometimes princess' find their princes different ways" i say

she hugs me and Louis and Joe came back in from the back garden. He comes in and says

"whats wrong" he says 

"carl cheated and she wants a story like ours" i say

"well he wasn't worth it baby I promise" he says and we hug her and this is our family 

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