Chapter 9

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---Casey POV---

"Remember to be cool." I assured Ariana.

"Don't worry. Its just a sleepover sis and she won't found out I promise." I had to use some temporary red hair dye on Ariana's hair and used some temporary brown hair on mine.The big white door to Victorias mansion opened and there she stood with a big white smile.

"Girls!" She squealed and hugged us tightly.

"Hey Victoria, this is my sister A-Casey. Casey this is Victoria." They waved and I prayed that she didn't notice that I was about to call her Ariana.

"Come in guys." She lead us inside and I was mesmerised when I saw how big her house was! There were big chandeliers hanging from the celling and a big marble stair case leading to the up stairs. Whenever you walk past a sweet smell of lavender and roses creeps up your nostrils filling your nose with a wonderful scent. We were lead to her living room which had an attached kitchen, they had a massive TV on the wall and a glass table with cup fulls' of smoothies and hot chocolates on it.

"You really didn't have to do this." I gave a small smile. It was the truth.

"I had to make my guests feel at home and make sure you're as comfortable as possible." Her kindness made me grin as we sat on her white corner sofa. "Don't get too comfy we will be going out soon but back here later to make an actual sleep over." Going out? We sure didn't plan this part.

"Okay. Erm when will we be going?" Ariana asked.

"In a couple of hours and I've hired professional hairdressers and make up artists to make you girls looks sexy."

"I thought I already looked pretty sexy." Ari joked because she was wearing pink sweat pants with bright pink slippers and some random top she pulled out of the draws.

"Andrea, Cara, Sheldon you guys can come in now." 3 people who were all blonde came in with racks of dresses. "Don't worry you guys can get your make up ready in the salon on the middle floor. We can take the elevator there." Man she says all these things like its an everyday thing. Oh wait for her it is...


"No. Freaking. Way." Sheldon moved the black bored and revealed a whole new me. My hair was curled to perfection, I had dark liquid liner and pink shimmery lips. My dress was pink too and it for my figure perfectly. I have never seen myself like this before. I actually felt... beautiful...

"Wow." I gasped.

"I know! My sister looks perfect!" I had arms wrap me from behind in a big hug.

"Ari.." I groaned in embarrassment and shrugged her off of me. "Stop it." I spun around to see that my sisters hair was pin straight and she wore the same exact dress as me but in blue, my favourite baby blue colour. "You look stunning sis." I gave her a proper hug and released her petit body.

"You have no idea how big of a struggle it was to persuade them for me to wash my own hair." She whispered in my ear.

"OH MY GOD!" I let out a small scream and turned around to see Victoria in front of us. She wore a little black dress with her hair in tight curls and a heavy make up look.

"You look amazing Vic." I smiled.

"Hmm, Viv, I like that. Thanks for the nick name Case." It took me a couple f seconds to process that I was Casey not Casey pretending to be Ariana.. I think.. You know what I should have changed names not looks so that would have been easier.

"Anyway, where are we going? Somewhere out to eat?"

"No way. We're hitting the new club up on Moor Green Avenue. I've been there almost every weekend since it opened and it's great, the guys are pretty cute too." She nudged Ariana. Ari looked down and her smile slowly faded, something's totally up with her. "Let's go!" Victoria let out a little squeal and we headed for the door.

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