Chapter 5

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The Doctor's POV

I fume at the treatment of Percy. Why him? He's just a kid! He never did anything to deserve that. Nobody deserves that. Not even the daleks. Actually, maybe the daleks...

I start pacing around the console room. Remembering Percy is in here, I turn around to see him motionless in his seat, dulled green eyes staring up to something the ceiling. What?

I run over to him, wide eyed in fear and trepidation. I put my fingers over his pulse point, sighing in relief when I feel the steady beating of his heart.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you. You may not like the consequences." I spin around to see a rather grouchy looking man clad in a bowtie and tweed jacket.

"Who are you?" I demanded, marching over to him in my steely gaze.

"Oh if you are a time lord, I suppose I would be the Dream Lord."

Wow. Two updates in a row. That's surprising. Sorry it's kinda short. And not as good as usual. See you all next time.

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