Chapter 1: Chloe

"Changes should come to you this year, Chloe." I reassure myself. "You'll see."

The loud chatter that filled the halls were becoming increasingly louder as the minutes passed. Even if it was the first day of school, I didn't expect people to be as excited as they were.

I take out the books I'd need for the first few classes and shut my locker. I turn away and begin to walk but stop quickly when a tall figure is in my way.

"Oh god, another year with you." They grumble, a sneer clear on their face. They shove passed me and my back is smacked against my locker, my head banging back too hard.

"My thoughts exactly." I mutter, tucking my hair behind my ears.

Bending down, I reach out for my english book. Before I can grasp it, a hand picks it up. Not my hand, by somebody elses.

Great, my book was about to be stolen.

"Is this yours?"

Looking up, I meet a pair of brown eyes.

"Well, it did fall from my hands." I say, looking from their eyes. "But, you can have it."

I pick up the rest of my books and then stand up. I clutch the books to my chest and let my hair fall in front of my face. Blending in with the crowd was what I was good at, I had a knack for it.

Following my schedule, I walk into my first period class. History, not something you'd care to learn about so early in the morning. Nobody looked up when I walked in. At least nobody that mattered looked up at me.

I slipped by standing bodies and desks to sit in one of the back corners. I liked to keep my distance from people, not likethey didn't try to do the same.

"Good morning, class." A female voice calls. I look up from the desk to see one of the younger teachers standing up there. Her hair was pin straight and a bright blonde color. "My name is Ms. Camp, and I will be your US History teacher for the year. Let's have a great year, shall we?"

I could hear snickering coming from the group of guys in the middle. They were known around the school as bullies. They were known to me as my worst nightmare come to life.

Since middle school, the guys had begun their tyranny over people they thought were under them. I and a few others were picked for these positions and since the other students were scared of them, they just followed suit and stayed out of their way.

"Chloe Rogers?"

I look up, hearing my name being called. "What?"

Laughs follow and look down to the left and to the middle. The leader was laughing, his mouth too fat to hold in his loud rumbuxious laughter.

"Fucking idiot." He mumbles.

I look down, "Here." I answer Ms. Camp, now realizing she was taking the attendance. "I'm here."

She gives me a weak smile and continues on until she reaches the last name. My cheeks flame up when I see the leading bully glarring at me.

I remember in elementary school, Sam, the leading man of the group, wasn't anyone special. He wasn't the fastest runner and he didn't make any girls blush. Sam was once just an ordinary over looked guy, just like me.

He wasn't like me anymore. He was some evil guy who had most adults wrapped around his finger. He had colleges lined up for him since he was a star basketball player and his future was all planned out.

But me? I would be lucky to get into any school, let alone all of the ones I'd apply to. I didn't even know what I wanted to major in. I had no real interests except for being invisible.

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