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"So that was a great party at the Collins huh?" Dan said as he plopped down on the chair to my right. The chair that was usually occupied by Mr. Bad Boy, who, speaking of the devil, just walked into the classroom, and narrowed his eyes at Dan when he saw that he would have to find a new seat.

I took my eyes off of Jason and turned to the boy beside me, "Yeah, it was great." I replied politely.

Actually, it was more than just great, because Jason and I had found out that there was something more going on with our best friends than 'just dating', which meant that all we had to do was find out the reason why they were doing this, and put a stop to it.

And then voila, everything's back to normal, I have my best friend back, and I wouldn't have to hang out with Jason anymore. My eyes flitted over to him, seated at the other end of the classroom, leaning back on his chair, and looking out the window. I wondered what he was thinking about.

Just then, Dan's voice broke through to me. "So what do you say?" He asked me shyly, with a small smile. I looked at his brown eyes. Was he talking to me? What was he even asking about? Oh God this is what I get for not listening.

And checking out Jason, a little voice in my head said.

I pushed that thought away and smiled at Dan, still not knowing what he was asking about. "Sure, I guess?" I replied.

His eyes lit up. "Great! I'll pick you up at eight on Friday then."

Wait. Hold up.

Did he just ask me out?

I mentally slapped myself. What the hell have I gotten myself into this time?

But before I could respond to Dan, Mr. Conrad walked into the classroom, and I was forced to face front. "Alright class. I'll be handing out permit slips for the field trip on Friday to the National History Museum. This has to be signed, or else you will not be allowed to go." He handed out the slips of paper to the people on the front row.

"Need I remind you that your behavior will be graded, so for those who will be allowed to go, I need to give you the standard operation on what you're not allowed to do." He produced a long list from his back pocket, cleared his throat and started talking again. "Alright. No trespassing on the violated areas, no eating in the wildlife sanctuary, no making out in the mummy tombs, no..."

And with that, I completely droned him off for the remainder of the class.


"So who do you think that man in black was? The one that was talking to Chloe's mom?" I asked Jason at the lunch table, putting a forkful of salad into my mouth.

He looked at me with his eyebrow raised. "Seriously Sanders, how do you eat? You have salad dressing on your cheek." He took a napkin from his tray and tried to wipe it off my face, but I grabbed it from his hand and wiped it off myself. We didn't need another one of those sappy rom-com scenes.

He cleared his throat after I put down the napkin. "I have no idea who the man is, why don't you just try asking Collins? He might not have anything to do with their bargain or whatever it is they have a deal on."

Oh wow, I honestly didn't even think of just asking her. This is what big elaborate spying plans can do to you.

I shrugged at him after giving it some thought. "Alright, I'll ask her."

"Ask who what?" I heard a very feminine voice ask me form behind. Chloe put her tray down on the table and took a seat beside me. I raised an eyebrow at Jason and he nudged his head in her direction.

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