*3 hours later...*

My P.O.V.

Brianna was sleeping so much, she didn't realize what time it was. So she opened her eyes very slowly and regained consciousness.


'Dang... How long have I been out for? And where am I? How did I get here?' I was saying in my mind.

I think I have seemed to have dozed off for an hour or three and I didn't even know that I was in a room that I haven't seen before.

'Whoa... Who's room is this?' I was thinking to myself.

The room was painted in a pale blue color. There were framed Japanese paintings on the wall. And a lovely smell of incense filled the air. And the only light source that I had next to me was a lit-up candle. While I was trying to get up from the bed, I felt some pain on my leg and my side.

'Ouch! Since when did this happen?'


'Oh yeah! I was being tortured by that big, beefy guy and his crazy purple dragon crew. Then somebody or something saved me. I think it was a group of four mutant turtles that are like secret ninjas.' I was thinking to myself.

Then I heard a sound that was behind a sliding door, so pretended to keep on sleeping. I peeked with one of my eyes to see who or what it was at the door. It was a big and tall human-like turtle that was wearing a purple mask.

'Hmm... I think he came here to check up on me to see if I was alright.' I still pretended to be sleeping so he can go away.

"Hmm... Is she still sleeping? I mean it's already been for three hours, how many hours of sleep does one teenage girl need?"

I was thinking on scaring him because sometimes in my life I like to scare people.

"Nine. I think it would be exactly nine hours that I need to sleep." I said surprisingly.

The purple ninja jumped seeing that I was talking to him. I laughed at him because he got scared and fell on the ground.

"Oh. I see that you're awake." the purple ninja turtle said to me as he got back up on his feet.

"Of course." I stifled a laugh.

"And I think we haven't introduced ourselves yet. Hi, my name is Don or Donnie or..."

"Donatello. Just like the artist in the Italian Renaissance age."

"Wow. How did you know that?"

"I learned that in high school." I responded.

"Oh. So after high school is over, what are you going to do? Go to college? Or something else?"

"Hmm... You know, I don't know. That sounds like a good question."

"The question could be answered later. So, do you want to get up? I mean it's already been three hours since my older brother was talking to you on the way here."

"Yeah I want to get up and stretch."

'Wait a minute, older brother?' I thought to myself.

"Do you know by any chance you're talking about Leo?"

"Yeah. You guys were introducing yourselves while me and my other brothers were walking ahead of him. Then you fell asleep in his arms."

"Yeah that's right. I told him that because I yawned and wanted save some energy. So where are Leo and your other brothers, Donatello?"

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