Kryptonite ❁

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- Melanie Nichole Sparks


I don't want to believe it, just buy the one thing that made me remember my childhood, sad reality.

Used to walk back from that House all day with my mother, before she died.

I swallowed dry.

I ran , without looking at a single time.

The guardian grabbed me hugging me tight, the tears fell unconditionally, I couldn't stop, shouted against her shoulder, she whispered, '' it's going to be okay, Mel . '' I knew I was going to stay , it was impossible, too loved that little Madhouse. I sat on the edge of the sidewalk crying, the rain fell, and there I.. to suffer.

A voice heard.

'' Melanie, you have to be strong, I know you will do 19 years and you didn't want this to happen before that. Raise your head, you're able to get through this. ''

I raised my head.

Then let out a long sigh and said aloud: '' Everything would be all right ''

I'm here, two days ago, in front of the House, I could see nothing and no one, the guardian was gone.

Waiting for someone to come, to see if you left the home in good hands.

Buyers haven't simply claimed to appear, must be with remorse.

Until, in the middle of these thoughts, I saw a guy changes, left two girls of this truck, I raised an eyebrow. They kissed, hoping no one had seen. I cracked a smile from my lips, it was so cute to see two people so in love would stay in the same house where I was happy, for a long time.

I had tickets to move to the United Kingdom, walked to the orphanage, where I would say goodbye to those people who have helped me so much, I did.

I got the bags and I waited the taxi would take me 136 to the airport.

Checked in at the airport, was filled with busy people, it was difficult to distinguish them.

I gave the ticket and personal documents, and got on the plane in a hurry, I packed my bags after they have passed on rolling machine, I sat next to a black Lady, waved to an uncertain zone, in sign of bowing out of the city.

There was, to leave the city that loved me so much, New York.

And in a small space of time. Pluf!

Was in the United Kingdom.

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