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~~Nay POV~~

Being with Mikey has changed me so much, every second i spend with this boy makes me weak to love him more💏💑. But i think something is going on, i was in school and Niisa started eyeing me. That hoe Bitch always tryna get Dick,she better watch who she watching before a beat that ass .Walking Home i see Cali car , instantly i call Zion.Stepping in the house real slow i Reach for The 40, opening the door slowly i see Armani. I Asked her if anybody came in and she said no, this bitch is funny and i dont trust her

~~Armani POV~~

Damnnn I left my car in the front, i forgot cali used to have this car. I needah tell zion too or its going to kill me for another day

This is Short Cause i Gotta test to study for this week so i will try to update soon

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