Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

                Raekwon sat on the couch rocking back and forth with his trusted pistol in his hand every so often giving the side eye to Aquana who sat on the floor in the corner. Brian arrived a few minutes before and was getting the details from his man Raekwon about what went down. Brian looked at Aquana with the side eye.

                "That's fucked up," was Brian's first response. "So now what the fuck is going to happen?"

                "I called a meeting with O-Lord to help me handle this problem," Raekwon said looking up at Brian. "Ready set it up."

                Brian cringed at that name because that was the same guy that played him. That also was the same guy that made him murder three other Blood members just a couple of hours ago. Brian still wanted to get at Ready for what he did. But he also knew he had to play his cool because if they found out that it was him behind that trigger, he would have the whole sect on his ass. Luckily for him, Raekwon told him that Bloods thought the Dog did it so Brian felt he was in the clear.

                "When this shit going down?" Brian asked trying to hide his nervousness. When he was nervous, he would curse more than normal. It was like the curse words were a shield to hide his nervousness.

                "An hour or so," Raekwon got up. "Fuck!" He looked at Aquana and waved his gun in her direction. "And all because of her trifling ass. Slept with that nigga in our bed. You believe that shit. All this shit going down and she sleeps with this nigga. I swear if she wasn't my seeds' moms, you would be talking to a corpse."

                Brian just looked at Aquana and shook his head.

                "Don't think this shit is over between us, bitch!" Raekwon said then spat in her direction. "I just got to deal with this motherfucker. But after, trust, it’s going to be me and you time."

                Aquana just bowed her head and leaned lower on the wall.

                "Well, then what the fuck we going to do in the meantime?' Brian inquired. "This nigga do have a little army as well. What if he comes back and do us all? This motherf...."

                "Chill with all that yakking, you sounding like a bitch," Raekwon informed. "We worry about that shit when it comes. We do need to rally our own troops. Get niggas on the block alert so they know what's coming. Let them niggas know it's a power move. That the Ice Cream faggot wants to start taking over. That way when the heat comes, they'll be on their toes and take no prisoners."

                'I'm on it," Brian asked eager to get out of there before Raekwon met up with the Blood OG.

                "Yeah, do that,' Raekwon said turning his back dismissing Brian.

                Brian left the room and walked out the door.

                Raekwon looked his baby mother again. This was the woman that he was going to marry, this was the woman that bore his children, this woman was supposed to be his future. Now he couldn't stand to look at her.

                "Yo, bitch, get in the goddamn room and don't come out until I tell you to," Raekwon instructed. "Seeing your deceitful ass face is making me want to put a bullet in your head."

                When Aquana didn't move quickly enough, Raekwon snapped back the lever of his gun and pointed it at her. Aquana jumped and ran to the bedroom. Raekwon shook his head. He still did love her. His cell phone ringing interrupted his thoughts.

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