Dream Come True Becomes Dark (One Direction FanFic)

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Christina's POV

Today is my birthday! My best friend bought me and her tickets to 1D and I am literally the happiest person on earth right now. I love One Direction with all my life and I can't wait to meet them because she won the tickets to the after party too! It's 5:00 and Megan is picking me up at 7:30 so I really have to get ready.

I do my daily routine; shower, wash hair, wash face, blow dry hair, brush teeth... All that normal stuff. I loosly curl my hair and tease it a bit. I do natural makeup with dramatic eyelashes and I apply some tinted lip balm so my lips won't get chapped instaed of lipstick. I run to my closet and pick out a dress that is blue and tight. It comes to about mid thigh. I put on some black heels and walk downstairs. I grab my purse and my phone.

It's 7:15 now and I hear a door close. I say goodbye to my dog, Riley, and head off. Riley is a huskie and the cutest little puppy ever! 

"What's up, hot stuff?" Megan says. I giggle a bit and get into the whie convertable.

"Not much, rich girl. What about you?" I say back and this time, she laughs.

"Oh my, the usual. Going to concert, excited?" She asks me. I nod and laugh.

"Best birthday gift ever! One Direction is my life!" I say and side hug her, since she's driving.

"No prob girly, I'll do anything for you!" She says. We jam out to One Direction on the way to the concert to make sure we aren't those loosers that go to concerts and don't know any of the words.

Once we got there, I started getting nervous. What if we become friends with them? What if they don't like us? What if they had a dark secret... Please, that would never happen. Megan parks the car and we got out. I never really noticed what she was wearing until we got out. It was a pink and white striped crop top that was tight and a white skirt, very cute. Her hair was in a teased ponytail and she couldn't look any better. 

"Cute outfit." I say, closing the door after I grab my purse. I put my phone into it and walk next to Megan.

"Thanks, you too! Ready to go in the front row of the One Direction concert? They might touch us!" She says, very happy.

"Yeah totally! Oh man, they are too perf!" I say. We both laugh and then we go inside. The bouncer tells us to go in through these really fancy doors.

"Oh yeah, there's a little meet and greet that I bought... Well you know how I'm like 1/4 Irish right?" Megan asks. I nod and then I realize Niall is Irish. "Well, my mom told me that Niall was my cousin so I got all this free stuff."

"Why'd you keep this from me?!" I ask her. She just shrugs and we continue walking in. The hallway is very long and then we reach this door that has our names on it. CHRISTINA AND MEGAN. We walk in and see 1D standing in there.

"Oh. My. God." Me and Megan say at the same time. 

"Please someone pinch me." I mumble.

"I'll do it!" Zayn said, smirking. I blushed a bit and sat on the couch. Louis and Zayn moved from their seats to sit next to me while Harry, Niall, and Liam were talking to Megan. I guess Megan needed some time to catch up with Niall.

"I heard it's someones birthday!" Louis says, poking my arm. His eyes met with mine and I couldn't leave them.

"Yeah! It's the best girft ever! I love you guys so much!" I say.

"We love you too, well we barely know you... But you seem pretty cool." Zayn says, putting his arm around me. It felt good so I kinda adjusted myself to cuddle with him but not make it noticable.

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