part 2

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Chloe: *is also water* ‘Murica?

Italy: this is fun!!! *floating around* I feel like when we were falling out of the pictonians ship!

America: Dude, I was eating! You can’t separate a man from his meat? CHANGE ME BACK!

Chloe: I would but eh, you see….

America: What?

Chloe: I don’t know how to

America: What do you mean you don’t know how? You changed us into water, why not back into humans?

Chloe: Because I had to ask Norway the spell before I could use it.

America: I’m hungry….. *stomach growls*

Chloe: Well deal with it, we’re stuck like this until I can get ahold of Norway. My telepathy doesn’t work right now. I’m guessing it has to do with being liquid. Maybe if I get closer to him I can ask him to change us back, but we’re only in England. We’ll be lucky if the wind is blowing towards Norway.

Italy: CHLOEEEEEE!!!! WHATS HAPPENING!!!!  *is being picked up into the air*

Chloe:* is also being changed into a gas* this feels weird!!!

America: OW! *being turned into a gas*

Chloe: What?

America: It’s awkward…

Chloe: O.O *goes to where Italy is* anyways….. Italy you were asking what’s going on right?

Italy: Si!

Chloe: Well right now we’re in the process of evaporating. In similar terms we’re being changed from a liquid into a gas

Italy: I’m scared

Chloe: we should be fine

America: *crunched up* owww. Feel lucky that none of you got an ******** while you were being changed

Italy: What’s an ********?

Chloe and America: *look away*

Chloe: Well as long as none of you are impure, we should be fine.

America: What do you mean by impure?

Chloe: Well theres this thing called purification. It basically means that theres a process that cleans by getting rid of impurities. So Italy and I should be fine.

America: ok… HEY WHAT ABOUT ME????

Chloe: Well with all the things that you do with England…..

Italy: Why am I turning all white and fluffy?????? *turning into a cloud*

Chloe: You're turning into a cloud *turns into a cloud as well*

America: I’m supposed to be the one who changes first CUZ I’M THE HERO! *changes into a cloud*

Italy: What happens next?

Chloe: I’m pretty sure we precipitate.

Italy and America: ?

Chloe: Precipitation is when any, and all forms of water particles fall from the atmosphere and reach the ground.

Italy: Will it hurt?

Chloe: I dunno

Italy Chloe and America: *turn into water*

Chloe: FUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Italy Chloe and America: *hit the ground*

Italy: That didn’t hurt at all! ve~

America: Let me guess we’re back in America right?

Chloe: eh, no. I think we’re in Denmark.

Italy: He scares me.

America: Hey dudes, is there a step for water going into the sewer system?

Chloe: Actually technically yes. It would be called Run-off. Something that drains or flows off. And in our case we’re draining into the sewers.

Italy Chloe and America: *fall into the sewer system*

America: Aww the Hero is getting dirty. This is gross man!

Chloe: Hey Italy there was one step that I forgot to tell you about. When we were water vapor getting turned into liquid, that was actually the step of condensation.

Italy: Oh

America: Hey there’s a crack in the wall I think it leads out!

Chloe: Actually it only leads into soil but we may be able to use it to get to the surface. First we’ll become ground water, water located beneath the earth’s surface in soil pore spaces and in the fractures of rock formations, and then use Infiltration, movement of water through the boundary area where the atmosphere interferes with the soil, to then Evaporate and try to get to Norway.

Italy: ~ve, I see milk!

America: haha that’s not milk, it has some brandy in it!

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