*3rd Person*

Arthur, Gwen and Merlin arrived back from the picnic and was met but swarms of people looking tired and distressed they were now in the council chambers

"Two days ago the city of Helva was attacked. Only a handful of people managed to escape." Leon informed the King. just then the doors opened and in walked Mordred he nodded towards his brother in law and took the right hand side where Alexandra would be.

"Who is responsible?" Arthur continued

"At first we assumed it was the Saxons. They've been active in that area before, but the refugees tell a different story. They say magic was involved." Leon looked towards Mordred

"Morgana." Mordred sighed

"The evidence suggests so, sire."

" i would say to Strengthen the garrison. Double the patrol on the border." Leon nodded and with the other nights they left

" Who would Morgana attack Helva?" Merlin wondered

"She must have her reasons."

"That's one of the few places where magic is practiced freely. Why would she attack her own? It makes no sense." Mordred stated


"Mordred where is my sister" he changed the subject.

"in our chambers resting there was a incident while i was training. All the windows smashed and her the only person in the room" i smile spread across my face

"why are you smiling this is serious." Arthur scowled

"because Arthur, Alexandra is with child" i told them. Their reaction was the same as mine before the grinned congratulating me.

"thank you but not only that our child even in these early stages shows signs of inheriting our magic. it would seem they had a lapse of freedom when Alexandra was weak which caused the windows. such power cause her to black out."

"now if you'll excuse me i think she will be waking up soon. if you need any help you know where to find me"

i sat next to the bed waiting for Alexandra to awake the gut feeling of helping those who needed it was bugging me but i was needed but someone far more important to me. A soft moan made me snap my head and i watched as she stirred a little before waking up.

"good afternoon sleepy head" her eyes fluttered towards me.

"what happened? why am i back in our chambers." she questioned sitting up

"what was the last thing you remember" i wondered

"erm there was a loud smash and glass then...nothing. Why" she replied

"someone caused the glass to smash" i told her.


"our child" i smiled

"our child we don't have a...oh" she gasped and looked down.

"we. w-we us...little oh my lord" she covered up her mouth i chuckled and went to sit next to her on the bed she leaned forward and i hugged her. 

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