Chapter 11

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I jumped in front of Joshua and watched as Derrick came toward us, his face ashen.

"Joshua." he said calmly as he stopped in front of us, keeping his distance like I was a rabid animal.

Joshua gently pulled on my shoulder but I wouldn't budge so he settled for standing beside me.

"Derrick." he said tersely, "long time no see"

Derricks face contorted into a scowl as Joshua said his name.

"You know why I'm here. Now give me what I want. It's as simple as that."

Joshua's jaw tensed and I saw his body shift toward the car.

"And you also know that I won't let that happen so why don't you move along. There's nothing for you here."

Derrick's expression was cold and unchanging. The way he looked at Joshua was almost murderous and it chilled me to the bone.

I took a step forward, feeling Joshua's grip tighten around my arm. I looked back at him and our eyes met.

'I'll be okay' I thought to him. My head pounded with the ability stretching my mind to it's maximum capacity.

His hand slid down my arm and squeezed my wrist before dropping back to his side. I sent him a reassuring smile and made my way toward Derrick. His cold stare shifted to me and softened immediately, his whole demeanor changed at that instant like he had just realized I was there.

"Bethany! What a pleasant surprise!"

"Derrick? What are you doing? Are you okay?" I questioned.

"What do you mean I'm fine beautiful." he exclaimed as he flashed his white dazzling smile.

"Derrick you're acting like that conversation just now never happened! Why are you threatening Joshua?"

"What conversation?" he asked as he reached down for my hand.

I pulled my hand away in disgust. "I was standing right there don't try to deny it." I accused as I pointed next to Joshua.

A baffled look came over his face and every emotion drifted across it in that one second finally settling on anger, no this was pure rage. Derrick glared and snarled at Joshua as I backed away as fast as humanly possible.

"Get in the car Nany." Joshua commanded. His voice was stern, leaving no room for protest so I slid into the car leaving less than an inch of it open.

"You can't stay in my mind forever!" yelled Derrick as he came towards Joshua.

"Or can I?" Joshua asked as Derrick suddenly came to a stop and his face fell slack like that of a daydreaming child.

Joshua sped over to the drivers side and climbed in, not stoping to check for cars or put on a seatbelt. We were out on the road in less than a second. And as I turned to take a last look at Derrick the rage had returned and he ran after us but thankfully, he was too late. The highway stretched out endlessly in front of us and we were safe.

"Joshua...? What was that?"

His bright blue eyes stared into mine and I could see him weighing options in his head. His eyes drifted back to the road ahead and with out looking at me he uttered a simple sentence that changed everything for me.

"You're not the only one who can do things through their mind Bethany"

This meant I wasn't alone. I wasn't crazy but Joshua had stopped someone in their tracks if he could do that what else was he capable of.

"You can..what?" I asked still dumbstruck at the epiphany.

"I can manipulate the senses" he explained, "And you, you Bethany, can do much much more."

"Me? I...I can only talk to people right?"

"No Nany you can do so much more." he said as he stroked my hand, rubbing comforting circles on my palm.

"Like what?"

"I'm not entirely sure they took you from me very early on." his hands tightened around me like he was afraid I could be ripped from him at any moment.

I groaned, the past hour had been peaked with information. Information so foreign to me that I didn't even believe in it's existence. My head throbbed and my pulse raced through my veins. Despite the warmth of the car I had goosebumps scattered on my arms.

Noticing my discomfort Joshua squeezed my leg "I know baby girl I know, it's scary but eventually it will all make sense."

I trusted Joshua with my life, with my love, but something told me this would not be as easy as he had said.


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