Chapter five

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Recap: Killer was a part of Stephanie's family and now he might die. I got up and punched the guy in the face just as Stephanie walked around the house.

Stephanie's POV~

When I saw Seth punch that officer I ran over and grabbed his shoulder. "Seth what the hell?!" I screamed as the officer fell onto the ground with his hand on his face. I could see blood flowing between his fingers. "Seth?! Explain." I stated and crossed my arms after helping the officer up. "He shot Killer.." He said quietly. I gasped. "Where i-" I stopped when I saw Killer limping towards us. I ran over to him and knelt beside him to notice a small patch of blood just about his leg. I picked him up (he was a small animal) and carried him inside. Once I laid him on the couch I ran into the kitchen and grabbed some rags, wetting them with warm water to clean his fur. I won't be able to get the bullet out which really worried me. Seth walked in and stood by the door, watching me clean killers fur. I was doing my best not to touch his wound.

After I got Killer cleaned up I went and got some water in a small container for him. He just laid his head on the couch and took no interest in it. I stroked his back a few times before going into the backyard to find Seth. I walked so I was standing beside him and grabbed his hand to pull him back into the house. He pulled me into a short hug before we went in. "I'm sorry Stephanie. But I just got so mad at him." He said when we got inside. I nodded and dropped his hand before going to check on Killer.

When I went into the family room I saw a small amount of blood on the couch but I couldn't see him. "Seth, come clean this I'm going to check the house for Killer." I yelled into the kitchen. I ran up the stairs not waiting for a response and checked all the rooms that had open doors. It wasn't until I was back downstairs that I realized the front door was still open an police cruisers were pulling out. I went inside to get Seth to come help me look in the woods behind the house just in time to see an officer put handcuffs on him and lead him out the back door. I ran after them and yelled "What are you doing?! You can't take him he did nothing wrong!" The officer stopped walking and turned to me, keeping his hands on Seth's arms. "This boy here attacked an officer." The man said angrily while holding his free hand to his bloody nose. I walked up to him and grabbed Seth, pulling him away. "You shot my pet!" I yelled at him and started walking away, still holding Seth's arm. I stopped when I felt Seth pull his arm from my hand and turned to see him go back to the officer. "Seth what are you doing?" I asked him and stepped closer. "He's right Stephanie. I attacked an officer. I can't just stay here. He did nothi-" "he could have killed Killer!" I yell, interrupting him. A tear slid down my cheek and I turned and ran back into the house.

I ran into the living room and buried my face in the couch to stop my tears, looking up when I felt the couch bend a little to see Seth sitting beside me looking upset. We had eye contact for a few seconds before I rolled over and his my face, holding my breath so he wouldn't hear me crying. "What are you doing here? I thought you were leaving." I said and sniffed before o wiping my eyes on a pillow. He placed a hand on my thigh gently and I looked up at him to see he had tears in his eyes.
I sat up quickly and grabbed his hand, instantly forgetting why I was upset. "What's wrong?" He looked at the back door and pulled me up, pulling me outside. "Seth what's wrong? Tell me." I said and pulled my hand from his. He stopped walking and turned to me. "I'm sorry Stephanie but you should see for yourself." He whispered. I stepped closer to him and hugged him. "Seth why are you so upset?" I asked quietly. He put his arms around me and I smiled into his shoulder. "Just go outside..." He said, I could hear the shake in his voice. I looked up at him and say he was holding back tears. I hesitated slightly before placing a hand on his neck and pressing my lips to his. He responded almost immediately and I smiled before pulling away and leaning my forehead on his. We just stood there looking into each others eyes for a few minutes before he snapped out of whatever trance he was in and looked at the door again. "Steph you need to go outside." He said and started pulling me again. "I'm coming!" I said and laughed at how persistent he was being. He slid the door open and stepped out slowly, with me following close. I looked around the yard but didn't see anything unusual. "Seth, what am I looking for?" I asked and glanced up at his face. He pointed towards the trees and I looked over. All I could see was a small grey patch. I grabbed his hand and started walking towards it but about 10 steps towards it he stopped. "Seth...?" I said quietly. He looked at me and we kept walking. When we got to the edge of the trees I saw why he was so upset. "Is this...?" I asked even though I knew the answer. I fell to my knees beside Killers body. "He's dead... Isn't he.." I said slowly. I began to cry and I felt Seth pull me into his arms. He started stroking my hair and whispering soothing things to me. That just made me cry harder. He picked me up and carried me to the house. "Want some hot chocolate?" He whispered to me. I shook my head and went up to my room, falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

Seth's POV~
After Stephanie saw Killer laying by the trees I carried her back inside. I knew she wanted to be alone. "Want some hot chocolate?" I asked her and I saw her shake her head from the corner of my eye. I started making myself some and when I looked up she was gone. I frowned and left my beverage on the counter. I went upstairs slowly and walked into her room. "Stephan-" I started but stopped when I saw she was asleep. I smiled a little and walked over to her. I picked her up gently and pulled the covers for her, placing her on the bed again and covering her. I knew she was upset about Killer so I left her in her room. When I went downstairs Stephanie's dad was standing at the door, taking his shoes off. I looked at him before lowering my head. "Hi Glen." I said and started walking to the kitchen. "Hey Seth. How're you doing?" He asked me politely. I looked him in the eyes. "Not so good." I said before hurrying out the back door. I ran to the edge of the woods to get Killers body but it was gone. There wasn't even any trace of it being there. 'Where did he go?' I asked myself before I saw a set of blue eyes peering at me through the trees.

(A/N: I know it's not really a great chapter but I actually spent a long time trying to figure out what to do in it. Almost two months. And I lost my phone for a week so I spent more time during that week thinking about it. The only way I could think of was to kill Killer. That's the only way I could keep writing. I'm not too happy about that because, as my name says, I love wolves and I don't like when they get injured or killed even in books. But anyway thank you guys for reading this. :) it means a lot. )

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