We passed our quizzes in ten minutes before the end of class. The bell rang. ''Rose, may I talk to you briefly?'' It must be about how poorly I did on that quiz I didn't prepare for. I walk over and feel my face begin to turn red. I feel as I'm about to present onstage. He pulls up a chair and places it across from his desk. ''Take a seat,'' he says in a welcoming manner. I feel more at ease. The second bell rings, which means you're supposed to be in class by now. And the worst part: I have Math. ''I will call your third-period teacher to let them know you're here.'' Mr. Jones is really nice so he'll be okay with it. ''Class quiet down,'' says Mr. Fallon. ''Study for five minutes before I hand you the quiz.'' Mr. Fallon comes back into the room after speaking with Mr. Jones on the phone and tells me it was alright. He sits down. ''Now, Rose, I think it would be more convenient if you could stay after school and speak with me about this, okay?'' What is he even talking about? ''Talk about what?'' My heart is going a mile a minute. My grade? The note? Oh God, no. It can't be.

   I leave the room and go to Math. I hand in my homework and we take notes. I suck at Math. I missed about ten minutes of third period. Those ten minutes seemed like ten hours. I am now debating on if he's going to be talking about the note, or talking about my quiz grade. Like I said, I didn't study. But why would he keep me late from my next class?

   It's lunch time and I have absolutely no desire to eat. Why can't the end of the day come quicker? His brown eyes look so promising. ''Eat Rose. You have to eat,'' says my friend Shelby in a concerned voice. I know but I'm just so nervous about what Mr. Fallon has to say. ''It's probably nothing. Don't get so paranoid over nothing,'' Olivia says. ''Probably a bad mark on the quiz we had today,'' Chloe explains. ''Why would he want me after school?'' I wonder. ''To help you with the material,'' Chloe says. We're dismissed from lunch and I didn't eat anything.

   I didn't tell anyone but Taylor about the note. The rest of the day actually flew by. It is time to go home, what a relief. Then I remember I have to stay after with Mr. Fallon. I need to call home to tell my father I have to stay after school and that he will need to pick me up. I race to the main office, and I ask to use the phone. I hate germs and these phones are filled with them. I pick it up and dial his cell phone number.

   ''Dad, I am staying after school today for some extra help in History so you will have to pick me up.'' I am feeling stressed. ''Whatever call before you need to be picked up,'' he slurs. Drunk as a skunk.

   I walk to Mr. Fallon's room. He is on his phone, sitting at his desk. ''Hello, Rose. Do you have any idea why you're here?'' My mind goes void. ''No.'' I take a seat in the same seat I was at this morning. Déjà vu. ''Does this note look familiar to you?'' He holds it up, looking very much confused and worried. I am so embarrassed. ''Y-you have my note,'' I say in a soft manner, I look down, holding back tears. ''It was in the pile of essays for period two.'' My feelings are overwhelming right now. I need reassurance. I need a hug. I wonder what a hug from him would feel like. Warm? Comforting? Then I remember: my papers were all static that day for some reason, and those two could have stuck together and I didn't notice. There was a long pause.

   ''Mr. Fallon, I wrote that note for many reasons. When I lived in North Conway, I had two best friends. Melanie and Melanie's father. Yes, her father. Her father and I were so close you could call him my own. I met Melanie when I was 7, at soccer and he and my mother met. He and my father didn't get along. He and my mother were compatible, though. He would drive me and Melanie to all our games and cheer us on. I loved him and the love grew. I didn't think it would leave. I thought this was forever. As I got older, I realized that things don't last forever. He was temporary.'' Mr. Fallon gave me this long and sympathetic look. My eyes were beginning to water as I couldn't believe what I just said.

   It's been forty-five minutes since school has ended. ''Rose, you can talk to me anytime about anything.'' I feel a sense of protection. This teacher is like no other. ''Did you call your parents for a ride home?'' I sigh. ''My father's suppose to be picking me up.'' He nods. ''Well I want to make sure you leave here with a ride.'' He is so nice. ''Okay.'' I take my phone out of my bag and dial my father's number. ''Dad, you can pick me up now.''

   I wait for my father outside and I think Mr. Fallon's about to leave as well. My father pulls up as soon as Mr. Fallon makes his way out the door. I don't think my father noticed him. ''Get your ass in the vehicle right now.'' I am so embarrassed. Mr. Fallon looks over and proceeds to his own car. He noticed it was my father. Now Mr. Fallon has solid evidence this is no joke. I wish Mr. Fallon would drive me home.

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