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Lance woke up to the distinct sound of Luis Fonsi's song, Despacito, featuring Daddy Yankee, as he internally groaned, getting up for the day. He stretched out his arms, shutting off his alarm clock by his bedside table. Lance sat in bed for a few seconds before picking up his phone and checking for notifications.

"You really should change that alarm, I'm tired of hearing Daddy Yankee being blasted through the room at six in the morning," Hunk said, pulling his sheets off of him.

"I'll change it when I die Hunk," Lance responded, getting out of bed.

"Oh god," he muttered as he fixed his bed.

"You know you like the song," Lance joked with a smirk.

"Not at six in the morning I do," Hunk said, grabbing a towel.

"I'm gonna take a shower," he said, going to the connected bathroom to their dorm room.

"Don't use my shampoo!" Lance shouted.

"Yeah, like I want to smell like lavender," Hunk said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"It's honey for your information, I ran out of lavender last week," Lance stated.

Hunk disapprovingly shook his head.

"Hey, women's shampoo smells so much better than mens'!" Lance shouted as Hunk entered the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Lance let out a sigh as he got ready for classes. After all, he didn't go to college for nothing. Getting on a blue t-shirt and a grey jacket, leaving it unzipped for the aesthetic, he slipped into his blue jeans and put on his black Vans. Lance almost walked out of the door before he realized that he didn't brush his hair, closing the door and quickly fixing that problem.

He didn't have to fix his hair, Lance figured he'd look good either way, but he decided to anyways. Grabbing his wallet that he also forgot, he walked out and headed towards the school's café. The coffee there was decent, considering the fact that Lance doesn't prefer coffee, the one thing he truly enjoyed at the café was their brownies. They were soft and warm, but the best ones were the first baked. The brownies at that café were his favorite.

Rushing to the café, Lance opened the door, the bell above ringing, signaling a customer had entered.

"Hello!" A cheerful voice greeted Lance.

A girl with brown hair in a ponytail smiled at Lance behind the counter.

"Can I get you something?" She asked.

"Your number." Lance said, smirking at her.

She blushed and looked down.

"No thanks, I have a girlfriend." She said.

There was laughter heard from behind Lance as he turned around, angry and embarrassed.

"What's so funny?" Lance asked the person.

"You were rejected. How are you surprised? That pickup-line was awful." The male said.

He had long black hair in the style of a mullet and blue-gray eyes.

"And who are you?" Lance asked annoyed.

"Keith, not that you'd need to know. Hurry up and order." The man now identified as Keith said.

Lance turned around and ordered his brownie, a frappuccino, and a muffin. Lance knew it took a while to make a frappuccino and the muffin, he did it on purpose so that it would take a long time. The muffins were never ready in the morning because people don't order it usually, and the frappuccino takes about six minutes to make.

"That'll be fifteen ninety-five," the lady said.

Lance gave her the money and waited. Yeah, he spent more money then he would have liked to, but it was worth it to get Keith annoyed. Just as Lance had predicted, Keith let out a huff in aggravation, angry that he'd have to wait about twenty minutes. Lance smirked, knowing that he had won.

"You did that on purpose," Keith grumbled.

"Did not," Lance responded.

"Yes you did," he argued.

"Did not!" Lance replied.

"Yeah, you did!" Keith said, stepping closer, standing straight to give him height.

"No I did not!" Lance said standing at his full height, taller than Keith.

"Did so!" Keith said, standing on his toes, glaring at Lance.

Lance started to laugh, making Keith annoyed. At this moment, Keith thought he was a lunatic.

"Here's your order, have a nice day!" The woman said with a smile, handing him a bag and a frappuccino.

"Thanks, you too!" Lance said, grabbing his stuff and going to the door to leave.

"Hey Lance!"

"Hey Hunk. Want my frappuccino and muffin?"

"Yeah, okay."

Keith watched the guy leave. 'So, his name is Lance?' Keith thought as he watched him walk away. There was something about him. Although Keith hated to admit it, his laugh was adorable.

"Sir? Sir! Are you going to order?" The lady asked.

Keith turned around and became embarrassed.

"Oh, yeah sorry... Can I have a brownie and a French vanilla coffee please?" Keith said.

Because after all, the brownies at that café was his favorite.

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